Lady Gaga

Speaking of Joker, I saw this on my timeline last night and it's so good.

But I'm thinking she will most likely go for the OG Harley look (red & black) rather than the one above, which was kinda Margot Robbie's signature to be fair. I'm also perched for her performance as Dr. Harleen since the movie will be focusing on that.
Speaking of The Joker 2:

If it’s a retelling of Mad Love, I can see them full-on killing off Gaga’s Harley when he throws her out the window.
If Bloodpop can get a Chromatica remix album made and spearhead that pretty much all on his own... and it was so well received... I can kind of imagine DJWS advocating for himself and being able to put together something for the ARTPOP ten year anniversary. I don't think it'll necessarily be those extra songs she teased but never heard. But something.
She felt excited enough to mention Onion Girl, In Like With You, and Tinnitus in an interview and I'll forever be waiting for those tracks.
I figure any Act II songs will all come down to what Troy Carter owns/is connected to and what he doesn't... because of that, I feel like nothing will come from it.
DJWS will probably upload some instrumentals and "tehehe" dd.

The whole ACT II thing is kinda fascinating. For sure a lot\most of the work is tied to Troy, but at same time I believe she was recording music after they broke up in November 2013. It just doesn't sound like she was in the mood to finish stuff and the tables turned for Cheek To Cheek, etc etc etc.

If it was some other time, I could believe she would "go there" and try to make it up\clean the slate from ARTPOP, but right now it's just very unlikely. I can see MAYBE JUST MAYBE she actually using the whole "ARTPOP 10TH" as her way to feed the gays without even dreaming of a new album tho hhdhdjjh. "YOU HAVE IT. IT'S YOURS. NOW LEAVE ME + MY FAMILY ALONE WHILE I'M DOING OSCARS' COMITTEE BIRHTDAYS+WEDDINGS.
I don't know for sure, and "own" might be the wrong word to use, but I think it's tied up in contracts that he was a part of putting together. I'm sure @mindtrappa knows more but I remember this being mentioned way back when nothing came from the ARTPOP App.

Troy doesn’t own the material (at least not when it comes to the songs). He is tied up in a lot surrounding the campaign and app development itself, though. My assumption was always that Gaga didn’t want to him to profit on anything beyond what he already gets from her past work. But it’s possible this is what they’ve been trying to untangle in court the last several years. All we know is that she said she’s not allowed to speak about any of it.
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There's no way it hasn't crossed her mind. There's an obvious opportunity here for some iteration of an ACT II, and I definitely could see it playing out as one of her biggest moves in a minute. While she spoke of ARTPOP getting retconned, I think a decade-celebrating repackage with new songs would be an actual definitive moment of that. The nostalgia factor is high.

I'd be shocked if she didn't throw anything together for it, or worse, decided to go the covers route again.
I don’t think ARTPOP is impactful enough in a legacy sense to warrant a covers EP. As much as I want her to do something beyond that or tossing out old merch, I don’t think we’ll get anything outside of a tweet once again recalling what a hard time it was for her and saying how much she appreciates the love it has received throughout the years.
... That covers thing was kinda trash wasn't it?

I mean, maybe that's harsh, but it just felt so... uneventful. I'm sure the concept of having these LGBTQ+ (...and allies) artists coming together, like Big Freedia and even Years and Years, on paper felt like a real victory lap and special thing, but it all sounded like a Karaoke Party with Royalty Free versions (apart from batshit Judas thank God) in a very "who asked for this?" way.

All that when it could have been easier to just tack 2 unfinished songs and share some photo outtakes, some "work-in-progress" Demos from final songs, because that's what people wanted to celebrate. I guess the creativity was\is there, just wish the execution was a little more... careful.

For ARTPOP I'm sure they'll dig at least one old box of... limited-foil-edition cover dd. But just the cover, not the CD, since these still have Do What U Want.
I don't think there's any nostalgia surrounding ARTPOP beyond a very small subset of fans. I get why DJWS keeps stoking the flames as it's his major claim to fame but beyond that, it was a bad era with mid music (Applause notwithstanding). I certainly have no desire to revisit it and wonder why people don't just let it rot.