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Lady Gaga

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Born This Way's revenge. The Judas streams are the most impressive here, it's been taking off on TikTok recently and is now in her Top 10 on Spotify

    Modern classics
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  2. I was just thinking the other day about how disappointed I was at The Highwomen's rendition of Highway Unicorn. When it was announced they were doing it, I was already imagining Brandi and Maren belting for their lives. And then we got....that watered down karaoke mess.
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  3. I'm obsessed with this like, why is she like this???

  4. Is the joke that it's supposed to be a loop and she's doing the loop manually?
  5. Yes
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  6. Sam


  7. The way I jumped thinking she announced the concert film. Maam end this "era" already.
  8. The great thing about that Merch drop and the "why-won't-it-die??" nature of Chromatica is... giving hope for the Concert Film.

    They're probably waiting to drop it with the next HausLab invention after the Cyclone Skin Base or whatever gets old.
  9. RMK


    Bloody Mary is going viral on TikTok, hopefully it keeps growing. Her discography has been having a moment lately.
  10. Not sure why I'm so into this but it's giving Disney Villain number

    God the single art (and song obviously) is still so fantastic.
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  11. But we need gen Z to discover Xmas Tree now to fit in with the holidays!
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  12. This doesn't have any right or reason to be as good as it is. Except that it's already a great song in both vocals, lyrics and production. Not even off-centering it can change that.
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  13. Oh this is going viral viral.

    It exploded thanks to this edit on TikTok. It feels so great seeing Born This Way finally getting its flowers this year.
  14. OK but why does it have to be sped / pitched up?
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  15. That's a TikTok thing nn. Mostly likely due to copyright strikes. Also the new generation is so into sped up/nightcore versions.
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    Bloody Mary out-streamed Shallow yesterday with 703K streams. Wild
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  17. Bloody Mary is top tier. This viral moment is what it deserves!
  18. Next up Scheisse!
  19. Bloody Mary is excellent. She should’ve done a Goldfrapp collab.
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