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Lady Gaga

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Bobby on the line with Sam Smith right now commissioning that Bloody Mary (Unholy Version) [From Born This Way 10th Anniversary] {EXPANDED 2022}

    oK BUT hear me out
    It's time for Born This Way sixth single.
  2. Ew why did u put that idea out into the world.
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  3. Rise up, Bloody Mary, rise… this is the beginning.
  4. Sam


    This is crazy
  5. Mary outselling Judas in the end. Catholics are winning, I fear.
  6. When Interscope capitalise on the success and turn Bloody Mary into a Christmas number 1.

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  7. The song was added to a couple of playlists on Spotify late in the day yesterday so this update doesn't even count that I fear. Popjustice has been served.
  8. Now we need the stans to create some fan-demanded music videos using the Fame film.
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  9. I always loved this fan video:

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  10. RMK


    No, but Bloody Mary is top 10 Lady Gaga. It's also making Government Hooker and Judas continue rising after their initial trends.

    I'm surprised the locals haven't dug up Christmas Tree and made that her viral hit. She'd probably fume.
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  11. At least it means kids are looking up “Bloody Mary” at the original tempo.
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  12. I'm not clicking on that.
  13. “Government Hookeray” deserves to smash instead. hmph.
  14. My immediate instinct was fight or flight but I was pleasantly surprised by this, actually!
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  15. Born This Way deep cuts outstreaming the jaggernaut hit that is Shallow?

    It's a little too iconic for me
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  16. Okay but the sped-up version of Just Dance that's going viral is a bop.

  17. I think this works a lot better as a Kelly song actually. Love that for her.

    I actually would love for them to duet on an upbeat pop rock type song, personally. Their vocals would compliment each other nicely I think.
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  18. A perfect example of how no matter how great of a vocalist you are, no one can ever cover Gaga in a way that is compelling. Only Gaga can sing her songs.
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