Lady Gaga

The way Artpop and Chromatica are two sides of the same coin but Artpop is real and raw and Chromatica is neutered and aloof.

I literally feel the opposite. Her intentions might’ve been more ambitious with Artpop, but didn’t she quite literally gut the album before releasing it? Chromatica doesn’t have that gritty sound, which so many fans love, but that’s what I appreciate about it. She finally has an album that sounds “polished”, in my opinion.
I've just noticed: "Bloody Mary" is basically the sonic blueprint for what "Unholy" is today. No wonder it's doing well. Spooky scary music. Obviously the former is much more impactful.
I could see them sending it to radio in more European countries, but the US would be a lot of push for minuscule results right now. She should film a TikTok first (lol).

We've gotta see how long the trend lasts - it's looking good, though.
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(I subscribed once to her/Universal’s French mailing list because some competition to win a Perfect Illusion promo single and the amount of spam e-mails promoting her through the years was out of this world dddd.)

Can’t see they moving anything in the US, even if it’s starting to grow there. Unless it becomes too monumental and the radio investment would be justified as a way to push it further/make it stable, but with Christmas season warming up I don’t think it will stand a chance.

Maybe monsters should be trending BuyBloodyMaryOniTunes idk