Lady Gaga

It's giving CFDA 2011 red carpet
My favorite look of the era to be honest.

A not great performance of an awful song. I still can’t quite get over the fact that she released something so weak for such a huge project.
This had to have been an extremely last minute booking with little to no rehearsal time because I doubt this is what we would've gotten if this was booked weeks ahead. She would've performed on the plane from the single cover or something.
Well we didn't even know she was performing before this morning, so. This was fine. She put heavy emotion into it which was nice, even though from a musical standpoint I wish it had been a grander affair instead of this toned down version. But at an award show that is all glitz and glamour, to sing like that with a clean face and ripped jeans, she continues to subvert expectations.
Oh, this is going to be a hit with the locals cause somehow in the year 2023 "did you know Lady Gaga is a REAL artist who can sing RAW?" content still generates engagement.

Even if you zoom out from just Gaga though. It's a rare occasion any pop star removes the makeup and the performance costume and delivers just vocals and the emotion of the song in this way. So yes, it will always be talked about.