Lady Gaga

The perception of time as you get older is wild because the wait from Born This Way to ARTPOP felt like a long slow march, but the time between their 10th anniversaries feels ridiculously fast.
The Cure’s chorus feels a lot more signature Gaga than most of Chromatica. It was the perfect blend of the tropibop trend and any nostalgia from her earlier catalog.
The Cure was so DOA for me ddd. Like it’s… pleasant. But nothing else. I think I prefer Heal Me over it as there’s some coloring and extra elements on that one.

But the “moment” of her performing The Cure at fucking Coachella out of nowhere in the middle of Joanne? THAT was special and something I’ll cherish it forever. The best reason why I stayed up until 4am watching a livestream, ever. And I do wish there was a video for it as well. It was also the starting point of her transitioning from iTunes to Spotify/Streams.
Was in denial about it and they were in regular rotation at the time, but now I weirdly hate all of the “pop” songs from A Star Is Born. They just don’t even register as Gaga songs for me. “Shallow” and “Always Remember” could literally, at least melodically and structurally, be guitar/piano demos for Born This Way or Joanne or even ARTPOP, and while “The Cure” is a little “faceless” sure, it’s soo catchy and charming, and even has a cute if somewhat devastating trademark Gaga myth/ origin story to go along with it.