Lady Gaga

I mean, "Just Dance" will never be the best song on an album which houses "Paparazzi" but both are fantastic songs.
Some of you don't often get half psychotic sick hypnotic with your blueprint electronic and it shows.

Just Dance isn't good though.
@Popjustice this post right here, sir.



This fan mix of Perfect Illusion takes the best elements of the song and dials them up to 100

That account did some great alternate mixes of the first 5 tracks of Joanne which have been in my library for a few years now.
I love all her leads but there is something extra special about Perfect Illusion. It's such a rush. Just Dance is the "weakest" but still a damn good song, it just suffers from the following singles being better (Paparazzi and Poker Face namely)
Apparently there's speculation her and Michael broke up, don't know if sources are to be trusted. Really hope she's okay if true.
Bad Romance
Just Dance
Born This Way
Perfect Illusion

The only acceptable order, but even then all of them are amazing.
The way these are ordered in a way where I have absolutely no idea if they're ranked best->worst or worst->best.