Lady Gaga

It's like every faux gritty, conspicuously ~dark and miserable aspect of the original has been amped up to a hundred. I fear this will bring out the worst out of theater kid Gaga but at the same time Joaquin won an Oscar for gurning at the camera for two hours so maybe this is her ticket.
I think likely the second movie won’t get as much acclaim as the first, but it’ll be interesting even if just to see the dynamic between Joaquin and Gaga on screen.
The outfit is pretty cool, a nice throwback to the colour scheme of when Harley first appeared, on the Animated Series (I am picturing Gaga binging this in her trailer in between shots). Not sold on the hair though, it feels a bit too flat maybe?
Does anyone know the timeline of the Brooklyn Nights demos we have? I'm assuming the one with the instrumental break "(v27)" is older than the one that initially leaked, but she was gutting and reworking songs all the time during ARTPOP so it's extremely hard to tell.