Lady Gaga

Does anyone know the timeline of the Brooklyn Nights demos we have? I'm assuming the one with the instrumental break "(v27)" is older than the one that initially leaked, but she was gutting and reworking songs all the time during ARTPOP so it's extremely hard to tell.
I was the ultimate Little Monster 2009-2013. March 28th is just one of those dates I can't forget even though my relationship with her these days is not as solid as it once was. Happy birthday mother monster xxx
Is it a musical?

All we know is there is musical sequences but people are theorising that they are in there purely to drive home the fact that Arthur and Harley are completely in states of delusion and disconnected from reality, similar to the first Joker film where scenes happened in Arthur's mind but weren't reality. I'm thinking it will be more in line with "Dancer In The Dark" than your regular standard musical film.
We're gonna get the entire movie like House of Gucci at this rate nn, but fuck I'm SO hyped!!!
Marry the Night, ha revenge is coming!