Lady Gaga

Never thought I'd see 'Hear My Name' referenced in a 'Born This Way' retrospective but I'm living!
Right, but also feels oddly included because they, at least to mine ears, share absolutely nothing other than “a song that you can bop to”. I promise it’s not because I love “Hear My Name” and think “Born This Way” is just okay.
Apparently someone randomly uploaded an illegal version and Spotify merged it with the official. Hopefully it stays. If that's the key, let's get someone to uploaded regional bonus tracks for all pop girls.
The timing. Shut UP fossil.

Keith Richards criticises rap music: “I don’t like to hear people yelling at me”​

“I like to hear music by people playing instruments"
“I don’t want to start complaining about pop music,” he said. “It’s always been rubbish. I mean, that’s the point of it. They make it as cheap and as easy as possible and therefore it always sounds the same; there’s very little feel in it.”
The song is supposed to be over 7 minutes long if memory serves me, so I am expecting a couple of mood switches, but it does sound good. A bit of a "Hey Girl" tea, if I had to compare the vibe to anything from her own catalog. I also love when she uses her upper falsetto register, which she rarely taps into.

Keith's comments about rap and pop music... asdfghjkl. That's what you get for only associating with care home male acts, I guess. Not everybody's going to be a rare sweetheart like Tony. Mingle with the young kids who would cut off one of their limbs to be allowed to breathe on a track with you and give you an easy smash challenge, Gagoo! Do that challenge!
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Gaga needs to stop associating with old men with one foot in the grave who keep embarrassing her. And that includes her father.
One doesn't need to study psychology (which I actually did lol) to see that she was probably constantly being let down by her father in life and that it has its consequences. She tried to help him, save him, get him to heart surgery, reconnect with him through the spirit of aunt she never met, getting him a trattoria and even deal with his shitty political opinions but all of that just might've not clicked which must be extremely deprivating for her.

Unconsciously she still might be looking for something she was expecting from her father in life but what she never received, which is (in my opinion) kinda sad considered how much she emotionally invested into that person. And yes I just described daddy issues. Heck, even Christian Carino looked like her dad.

We also know she thrives when she's being praised and recognized by much older musical legends. So there are daddy issues, the need of approval of authority, put all that in a mix and there you have it. All of it.