Lady Gaga

What a racket

The reactions in here ff. This is a track clocking in at 7 minutes, I doubt it will even close to maintain that noise/screech level for 90% of it, its probably the climax of the song that they (poorly, admittedly) chose as a snippet.

Ironic considering Keith Richards' comments on the previous page though, I'll give you all that.
I think they want Gay Rock. Something like Lindsay‘s Rumors ddd.

I want her stadium rock Bon Jovi fantasy, a psychedelic rock acid trip, an electro-rock affair, big and loud drums, maybe something shoegaze-y too? Her voice is literally made for it, and its really long overdue. She has dipped her toe in some of these genres before and flirted with them (especially on Born This Way) but it's about time she makes thee long-awaited RockGa opus.

I am afraid that she would go for some cheesy and generic dad rock instead, but a girl can still dream. All she really needs is some talented people around her who'd properly execute her vision and guide her. This has really been the main challenge for the Haus for the last decade or so.
Not really excited for the track, but it is 7 minutes so I don’t really think any 20 second snippets are going to do it justice.

I will say though, her collaboration with Lukas Nelson on Find Yourself was an incredible way for her to flex some of the more folk rock/country tinged sounds that she has been wanting to play around with for awhile. This song however sounds like it won’t have any kind of restraint.