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Lady Leshurr Brush Your Teeth (Facebook Hit) !

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Troylovesmusic, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. So this song from UK rapper Lady Leshuur is going viral on Facebook it's all over my Facebook it has something like 8 million views and it only came out just before Midnight.

    Always loved Lady Leshuur she's been around for a while now underground but never really broken out hopefully the attention from this helps her break out.
  2. Sometimes my country embarrasses me.
  3. Loving her road safety skills.
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  4. A Rachel Dolezal reference. I'm cringing and impressed in equal measures.
  5. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I can't pretend I didn't enjoy that.
  6. Leshurr is a friend of a friend. All the labels tried to sign her, and even offered great things, but because they want her to be the UK's version of Nicki Minaj or Azalea Banks, instead of her own thing, she turned them down. She's blown up big now, so when she gets round to releasing her album, it'll get a distribution deal easily.
  7. All episodes from the Queen's Speech series have been amazing, her flow and humor are killer. Is there a date for The Queen of the Scene EP yet?
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  8. I love it!
  9. This is still her best work:

  10. Oh! It somehow didn't click for me that that was the same performer - now I'm even more inclined to keep an eye on her!

    Her flow on this song reminds me of a song that came out in the early 2000s called Live Caller, by Crazy D and Betty Boo (not that Betty Boo, unfortunately, as I'd love to hear a cellphone-themed song from her)
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  11. I'm finding this song so catchy and I like the video a lot too.
  12. I'm a big fan of Lady Leshurr. Her flow is RIDICULOUS. Like Bruno said, she finds the balance between humour and showing off how talented she is.

    I can see her getting an actual chart hit if she keeps the momentum going. Also, I must say it's nice seeing a UK rapper that comes from the Midlands!
  13. Queen's Speech Ep 4 is featured on Samsung's new advert in America:

    It's basically doubled her YouTube views. She's on practically ever other ad break right now during The Emmys.
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  14. Is she releasing an album any time soon?
  15. I don't think she's doing an album yet. She's building her presence in the UK and US at the moment, especially in fashion world. I'm sure an album will come eventually, but I think she ought to do a few high profile features.
  16. K94


    She's incredible - I've been following her since Look At Me Now/Lego. We haven't had a decent British female rapper in a while (no not Lady Sovereign). Grime seems to be really blowing up again.
  17. She's an amazing lyricist – and I think she's very savvy going the independent route rather than jumping with a major label. They've proven time and time again they don't know what the fuck they're doing with female MCs (or even black female artists as a whole, to be honest). She's way better building from the grassroots like this.
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  18. Queen's Speech 3 was part of Alexander Wang's last fashion show's soundtrack and I just heard another song featured on a smartphone commercial.

    She's great! Hope to hear more from her soon.
  19. Just saw on her instagram page she'll be on Radio 1 tonight and will debut a new track!

    So, since I'm not from the UK, I don't get how the Radio 1 thing works. When she says she'll be on Radio 1, does she mean she'll do the Live Lounge?
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    Nope - Live Lounge is just one of Radio 1's shows. Can't wait for the track though!
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