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Ugh, sending out promos so early and delaying the release was a mistake. And I saw earlier today "Sunday Drive" has disappeared from the release schedules. What the fuck is happening?! I refuse to listen to leaks though.
What happened to Hawkey? Black, White and Blue was 100% fantastic. It should have been Top 20, easily. Hopefully, the tour's selling alright...


I think the album is great!!!

I love every song - not so sure about Vaccine.

I guess you could say it lacks a litle variety or is too consistent.

Cellophane needs to be a single. Sunday Drive and the title track are my other favorites.
The only good song besides the single is Cellophane, which is literally one of her finest. When you hear it against the other new songs, you can hear the problem with this album.
128? No thanks

The sampler sounded great.
People who are here for an album like her first way need not apply.


Oh dear, I think all my excited anticipation for this has now been quashed. It's so sad - I loved her first album so much, and was so looking forward to new material. Now, I'm not even sure I'll buy it when it finally comes out.
A leak two months before release is pretty bad. They should have just gone with the original release date, all buzz will be dead and long gone come the end of May.

Sunday Drive or a radio edit of Cellophane released as a new single could turn things around but if Black White & Blue didn't catch on I doubt either of them would either. She needs a new My Delirium, Paris Is Burning or Dusk Till Dawn but there is nothing like that on Anxiety. Shame.

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I wonder what didn't make Radio 1 playlist her? They used to playlist all of her single releases after "Dusk Till Dawn", including the boring re-releases of the first few singles.


I still think the album is great after a few days listen.

The vocals are still very 'pop' but the production lacks versitiltity (or maybe I just expect greater things from Pascal Gabriel!)

I don't think some of the songs on her debut had stronger melodies (like From Dusk Til Dawn...)

Her popularity grew very slowly from Back Of The Van and in New Zealand she wasn't known until she had international success first.
Someone give me the will to listen to this. I was so excited for it, but I listened to the first two tracks earlier on today and quit out of sheer boredom. The production is fucking awful.


RJF said:
Someone give me the will to listen to this. I was so excited for it, but I listened to the first two tracks earlier on today and quit out of sheer boredom. The production is fucking awful.

I don't think the production can be properly judged at 128 kb MP3's.

The Quick and the Dead is becoming another fav.
I'm on "Vanity", and I just feel so sorry for Pippa. Has anyone told her that her album was brutally gang raped by a bunch of guitars on its walk home the other night?
Finally listening!

I'm just on Sunday Drive, but so far the album sounds about how I expected. I knew it would be more grungey and guitar-driven. I quite like it when the first reviews are negative, because then my expectations aren't too high.

To me it feels quite similar to her debut, just without the sparky 80's production. The songs are comparable. I'd imagine her debut would have sounded a lot more like this has the producers not glammed her sound up a bit.

In my heart, I think I knew that debut would be a fluke. It just had something special and magical about it.

I still hear good bones. "Blue Eyes" is great. If only it were Xenomania-ed out a bit.

I've made it to "Vanity" now myself. This sounds like a live version of what should be a great pop track.

The whole synth-omission is so obviously deliberate. I wonder if Ladyhawke realizes that 80's-tinged grunge pop was her sound, and without the 80's tinge, the album feels less unique.

These are good songs though. Immediately loving "The Quick And The Dead". This will be great to drive around town to.

For some reason I am getting slight Gossip vibes.

A lot of quite similar melodies in the songs.

I've finally reached "Cellophane"! It's gorgeous.

I love Pipa. This has been a long time coming!
I like the album. A strong ten tracks. But I'd love a remixed album, or a pop disc a la Shania Twain.
I don't mind the production on the album really (though I would love more synths!) - what mainly bugs me about it is the mastering. The album's way too loud and compressed, and hurts my ears more than anything else on my iPod does. Her debut was so pleasant-sounding, perfectly mixed and mastered, while Anxiety feels like it's had all its dynamics squeezed out of it for the sake of sounding harder and grittier. Not the best.
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