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Ladyhawke - Time Flies (2021 Album) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Guest member, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Nice callback to the debut with that watercolour My Love cover art.

    Time Flies (the track) might be my favourite of the lot so far. It's not really what I thought I would ever want from Ladyhawke but there's something so wonkily beautiful and straightforward about it. Sounds like it should run over an indie film's end credits.
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  2. My Love:

    Music video will be out tomorrow.

    There will be a live show on Twitch:
    Celebrating the release of Time Flies with a show this Thursday, Nov 18 at 7.30 pm NZT*
    I'll be playing brand new songs from Time Flies as well as some of ye olde classics and MAYBE a never before heard deep cut - all exclusively via Twitch! Aaaaand I'll also be premiering the music video for the first track on the album: “My Love"

    Streaming live from Roundhead Studios, Tāmaki Makaurau.
    *Sydney (AEDT) - 5.30pm Nov 18
    Los Angeles (PT) - 10.30pm Nov 17
    New York (ET) - 1.30am Nov 18
    Berlin (CT) - 7.30am Nov 18
    London (BT) - 6.30am Nov 18
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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    All these songs knock, I'm really excited for this album!!
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  4. My Love is very good too! I think the varied sounds will make more sense in the context of the album. I really wanted to add Colours In The Dark as a bonus track to this album - but nothing released so far sounds like that song.
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  5. I love that she has consistently worked with the artist Sarah Larnach, can't wait for the album.

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  6. Still a few hours to go before midnight here. Anyone heard the album yet?
  7. Even though the lyrics of the title track's chorus might be some of my least favorite in her discography, her ear for melody is impeccable. The songs are crazy, the midsection especially has some absolute stunners, starting from Mixed Emotions, which is a wonderful gem and an immediate career highlight. Walk Away is also a bop and a half. The album overall immediately feels a bit more fun and cohesive than Wild Things, which I also really liked. Can't wait to dive more into it!
  8. Loving this on first listen.

    I had to look up when Guilty Love was released, because it feels like a lifetime ago. Turns out it was March. Gosh it has been a long year, but thrilled to finally have the album.
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  9. My favourite so far is Adam. Love Is Blind is so messed up, it sounds like they put all those random sounds together and somehow it works.
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  10. The album does not disappoint, and "Think About You" remains one of my songs of the year. Such an earworm. I'm obsessed!

    Try as I may I can't seem to shake away, ooh
    This crazy feeling inside


    So I've been holding it down
    But then suddenly you found me
    How did you finally know?

  11. 2014

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    The albums nice! Some moments are a bit background music, but it's good to have her back, and the singles are some of the best things she's released in a long time.
  12. Adam is very lovely and my favorite on a first playthrough but everything is sublime and pleasant. The poor Adelephants!
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  13. I’m really enjoying this. The singles, Adam, Reactor, and Walk Away are all delights.
  14. While the album is nice, it feels a bit vanilla, when compared to her earlier albums. Of the songs we hadn’t heard pre-album-release, Walk Away and Reactor are my favourites.
  15. Is “Lonely” from the Exquisite Corpse compilation an outtake? There’s also Split Enz cover, “I Wouldn’t Dream Of It”, on a different compilation - all of which I missed out on earlier.
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  16. I love this.
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  17. I'm loving Reactor and the lyrics.
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  18. That’s an amazing interview.,I’m loving the album.
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