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Ladyhawke - Time Flies (2021 Album) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Guest member, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. That might explain Brown’s decision to discard an entire album between 2016’s ‘Wild Things’ and this year’s ‘Time Flies’.

    If that part is true then she has two scrapped albums. There was also the one between Anxiety and Wild Things.
  2. This album is really good. What a pleasant surprise.
  3. I finally got around to hearing this and it is indeed very good. I love the artwork as well.

    Loner and Think About You are really infectious.
  4. I heard Chills in Walmart yesterday. Got to be the most random song I've ever heard in a store - all the more amazing because I think the least famous act I've heard at Walmart up till now was, like, The Pointer Sisters.

    Usually when I've heard something semi-random (e.g., A1, Texas, Cathy Dennis, Climie Fisher) it's been at Wegmans or the mall where I used to live (or Tops, a New York grocery store chain that for some reason allowed me to enter despite the obvious).
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