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Ladyhawke - 'Wild Things' (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Guest member, Feb 24, 2016.

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    Ladyhawke just revealed the Tupperware-inspired logo for the next chapter:


    We should get more info on the single/album very soon.
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  2. I miss Ladyhawke so much, even though I never really got into her post-debut material.
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  3. FUCK!

    I adore both albums. #I'mReady
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  4. That shade of pink and that logo make me optimistic.
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  5. I'm getting excited! Looked on the BMI website for songs registered since Anxiety and here's what comes up:

    Pnau co-writes:
    "City of Dreams"
    "Getting Tough"
    "Hotter Than the Sun"
    "I Know I Love You"
    "Love Is You"
    "You Know I Long"

    Babydaddy (Scissor Sisters) co-writes:
    "Another Planet"

    Jesse Shatkin (Sia, Foxes et al):
    "End of Silence"
    "Hey You"
    "San Andreas"
    "Turning Golden"

    Tom Schleiter:
    "Golden Girl"
    "Hillside Avenue"
    "Let It Roll"
    "River" (separate from the one above)
    "Sweet Fascination"
    "Wild Things"
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  6. Had to think about Hole looking at the new logo
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  7. Ok, so the single is getting its first play on Australian TV tomorrow. It's called A Love Song.
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  8. My gut tells me that trademark symbol needs to be closer to the letter e.
  9. I managed to catch the Radio premiere of A Love Song. It's really amazing. Heavier on the synths and the chorus explodes.

    Wouldn't sound out of place on E•MO•TION.
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    Oh my God, I want to hear it so badly now!
  11. I'm really hoping for more 'Love Don't Live Here' / 'Better than Sunday' songs from her.
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    These song titles are pretty much confirmed to be on the album since she played them live at recent gigs:

    "Sweet Fascination"
    "The River"
    "Let It Roll"
    "A Love Song"
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  13. I'm really excited to hear something new from Ladyhawke.
  14. How did i miss this? The first two albums are incredible.

    I hope the new single is out on iTunes soon.
  15. Can't wait for this.
  16. LPT


    Ooooh looking at the songwriters I guess we can hope for a more pop record than the last record? I really enjoyed her debut. I was just blaring Dusk Til Dawn the other day too!
  17. I like both her albums equally so I am anticipating this new one, I'm sure she has yet to give us her best album. More Sunday Drive and Cellophane which are gorgeous. I got Anxiety two months before the leak on her publisher's database before they locked non logged-in people out. Fun times.
  18. I just got sent the new album - will report back later after I've given it a couple of spins. Apparently it's due out early June. 'A Love Song' should be dropping on Friday properly! She shot a video for it in London yesterday so hopefully we'll have that in a couple of weeks too.
  19. Oooh, exciting!
  20. She's in Croydon shooting the video today it seems. Is anywhere streaming the new song?
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