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Ladyhawke - 'Wild Things' (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Guest member, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. I still love it, The River and Hillside Avenue are my bright day bops for a summer drive.
  2. I'm with you, album is back on the shelf and I can't remember a single track... unlike first two albums
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    Wild Things is such a joyous album - that's what is so good about it. Golden Girl is low-key my fave.
  4. I found it more instant than her second album. The only tracks I don't listen to are Money To Burn and Hillside Avenue. I think they picked the wrong first single though. The radio edit of Wild Things was begging to be the lead single. That song is otherworldly.
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  5. Great album! As good as her debut I think but haven't listened to that for a while. You cannot really go wrong with 80's influenced indie synth pop at the worst of times but this is a cut above. Favourites are The River and Wild Things.

    I agree that Money to Burn and Hillside Avenue are the weak spots but their place on the album is where filler should be (mid late section).
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  6. Money to Burn is by far my favourite on the album, it has a very catchy chorus reminiscent of her debut album.
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  7. Our girl has been through a difficult period.

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  8. Fuck, that's huge. So glad to read she is okay now!
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  9. Oh my God! I’m really glad she’s cured and recovering.
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  10. A new collab with Crooked Colours.

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  12. you set me on, you set me on, you set me on fire
    heartbeat drumming double time
    one life here with me and it's magic

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  13. I hope Tommy English is back on board. I love that they did together on Wild Things. Especially the title track, it's some of her best work.

    On a grateful note, I'm glad she is continuing on after her battle with skin cancer.
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  14. I'm excited for this! I didn't know she was working on an album.
  15. Her remix of Drinks by Cyn is every bit as essential as the original - which was already one of the best songs of the year. Looking forward to more music from her.
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  16. I didn't realise that it had been so long since Wild Things! Really nice to see her back in the studio.
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    Oooh exciting!!
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  18. Recently, I have been listening a lot to her music. I am so glad the new album is coming. I cannot wait to hear what it sounds like. I freaking love Anxiety and I think it is her best album.
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