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Lamont Dozier (RIP 1941-2022)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by VivaForever, Aug 9, 2022.


    Very sad. He was one of the very first songwriters whose names I knew thanks to, of all things, his later work on these two classiques:

  2. Songwriting genius.
  3. Ugh. First Olivia, now Lamont Dozier. Another huge loss.
  4. He perhaps surprisingly co-wrote several songs on Boy George's debut solo album, including To Be Reborn.
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  5. He co-wrote this Motown classic....

    And wrote this hit for Alison Moyet....

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  6. Another sad loss, behind some of the greatest and timeless songs of all time. RIP.
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  7. It actually blew my mind to learn that Dozier wrote Going Back to My Roots. I always assumed it was an original by Odyssey and then found out it was a Dozier original which he also recorded.
  8. The Lamont album that song is from, Peddlin' Music on the Side is *amazing.* It's so intensely emotional and profound. Highly recommended!

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  9. So many classics in my library from this talent. Another sad loss!
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  10. Another sad loss to the music world. The Motown songwriting is legendary and that will live on forever. Motown was one of the first types of music I remember (via my parents) and it’s stuck with me into my adult life. Such talent.
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