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Lana Del Rey – Blue Banisters (+ Cover Album?)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by SlowGinFizzzz, Mar 20, 2021.

  1. is Arcadia the new title of the album? or the song?
  2. Finally an image edit from Lana that actually looks nice!
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  3. Let's gooooooooooo!!!!!

    Arcadia's the single. The album's out in October, apparently. Pre-order coming with the song.
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  4. I hope we still get a music video for Blue Banisters, I think it might be my favorite song she's released.
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  5. Most likely nothing but her managers endorsing fans is odd. Not sure if they do this often tho dd

  6. Time to add Rock Candy Sweet back to the thread title dd.
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  7. Not both managers confirming there’s more than one album coming, my Godddddd!
  8. She confirmed it herself there was an album of covers\classic standards for Christmas last year (?) and that didn't happen. And then Rock Candy Sweet\Blue Banisters since Chemtrails was probably done since Summer and they had to wait for Vinyl and stuff.

    I don't find it very exciting to see 2 albums happening at same time. The quality control... hm.

  9. Love this new sound from her.
  10. 15 songs on Blue Banisters.
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  11. Sounds amazing!
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  12. Yas Lana
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  13. SMG


  14. - Arcadia comes out at 6pm BST time on the 8th

    - 4:23 long, cover is the pic from the instagram post, produced by Drew Erickson (involved with Weyes Blood's Titanic Rising album)

    - Lyrics: 'Arcadia, all roads that lead to you as integral to me as arteries, that pump the blood that flows straight to the heart of me, America, America'
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  15. Lots of info coming out today from the insiders:

    - Album will be out digitally on October 1, physically October 15
    - 15 songs total (including 1 instrumental interlude)
    - 3 covers (the one we know, Target exclusive, UO exclusive, all by Neil Krug)
    - Target vinyl is red
    - Text Book opens the album, title track is #2, Arcadia #3
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  16. Seems like the unreleased tracks Cherry Blossom, Living Legend, Thunder and Colour Blue/Wild On You will be on the album too.
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  17. Boo at the label not synchronising the digital and vinyls, makes zero sense.
    And going against Coldplay is also a bad idea.
  18. The border is back nn
  19. It doesn't make a lot of sense to pull the Digital-Physical shenanigans unless they're trying to keep her inside top10 for like 2 weeks (and debut at #5 and then keep it at #6).

    She seems to be picking nice unreleaseds

    This NFR Shade!
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