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Lana Del Rey – Blue Banisters + Watercolor Eyes

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by SlowGinFizzzz, Mar 20, 2021.

  1. New album out in June.

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  2. The album cover looks delicate!
  3. When she announces the title and date for the other album she's working on tomorrow just to fuck with us
  4. I have like...a seven-layer bean dip of trepidation about this project
  5. We stan a pathological liar.
  6. June 1st is a Tuesday, so that release date seems...unlikely (for a number of reasons).
  7. Soothing me through my second dose of AstraZeneca
  8. And Chemtrails was coming out in September, and the book was coming out in January 2020 and Americana Standards was coming out...

  9. "Lana please disappear for a while and take the time to finally understand why you fucked up"
    "What? You want another album? Of reheated leftovers? Sure!"
    "No Lana pls"
    "The cover will be the picture of a tree taken from a moving car with an iPhone 3G"
    "You did that already"
    "You're attacking me because I'm a defenseless, delicate woman"
    *moves bang, lights a cigarette, starts singing* "Mmmh babyyy... yeah... HeeeEe was a bad man, me... a delicate pEach mmmh mhh"
  10. Wouldn’t you say it also radiates warmth?
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  11. I can't believe I woke up from a two hour nap to another album announcement. She's insane.

    But if this is the rock album I've been manifesting.........
  12. Do people know nobody is forcing them into listen to her? It’s kind of absurd at this point.
  13. Lana is a student of the absurd, so I don’t see the problem
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  14. Mel B?
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  15. Well if this wasn’t planned well in advance she’ll have to live without the vinyl sales for opening week. Or there won’t be as many variants. Tight timeframe.
  16. It’s just another one of her classic annual bait and switch statements.
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  17. Also, where is ‘behind the iron gates - insights from an institution’ which was supposed to be out... this month?
  18. I'm screamingggg.
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  19. At least she should check the calendar and pick a Friday, no chance of a Tuesday release.
    But maybe she meant June 1st, 2022 or 2024!

    But could be the covers album that was supposed to be out this Xmas?
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