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Lana Del Rey – Blue Banisters + Watercolor Eyes

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by SlowGinFizzzz, Mar 20, 2021.

  1. I actually like all of the covers for this. Definitely laps the Chemtrails ones.
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  2. Who’s Sonia?
  3. It’s the border and the font.
  5. Frankly after the border and font on the three single covers the standard cover is a marked improvement
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  6. I'm just so happy to finally have these gone from my music library
  7. Arcadia... is creative bankruptcy in song form. Why is everything post-NFR so tame and inessential good god.
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  8. Not really, though.
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  9. Blue Banisters songs aside, not when these exist!

  10. I don't hate Arcadia (the verses have some very nice poetic lines), but at the same time it definitely meanders a little and vocally it feels like she goes back and forth between singing powerfully and almost intentionally holding back too much. The beat at the end really slaps though (watch it be the interlude)

    The title track is still far and away the best song from this project at the moment.
  11. Arcadia is lovely and all the covers are gorgeous in one way or another. The dog ones are camp, but then the other two are sweeping and majestic. She leaves us spoiled every time.
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  12. Another meandering piano ballad? I guess this is my stop.
  13. ‘Blue Banisters’ is one of her best. I think the chorus of ‘Arcadia’ is gorgeous and also love the little touch in first verse where the cello echoes her melody several octaves below.

    To be honest, only ‘Text Book’ has left me cold. An odd choice for an album opener.
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  14. Arcadia is really good. I enjoy how it combines (put simply) ~freestyling post-2014 Lana verses with a big, classic chorus.
  15. Ok maybe ‘brutal’ is a bit much, but it just does nothing for me. The composition is dull and her expression is vacant. It’s just so artless. The blue cover is quite regal though. That’ll do for me.
  16. rdp


    I honestly think the cover is one of her best? Maybe tied with Born To Die and NFR. Honeymoon is too busy and Lust For Life & Ultraviolence are simple plain beauty shots.

    Anyway, Arcadia is gorgeous melodically, but the "fuck the haters!!" vibe of it all is turning me off from the whole package

    edit: I completely forgot about the Chemtrails cover, which really says it all dd
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  17. Well, I like the standard cover and got the white translucent vinyl. A shame the Target edition will be neon red again because I do like the cover.
  18. The latter part of the video was giving

  19. Is this another Jack production?
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  20. Acadia is so instant; reminds me of the first time I heard Video Games- stunning.

    I personally think the lyrical content is much more sophisticated than 'fuck the haters'; she's been spuriously labeled an active racist for the past year for expressing some dumb thoughts / poorly expressing complicated thoughts / expressing thoughts that are easy to uncharitably interpret with ill intent. I understand her desire to address this, and find Acadia to be an elegant expression of her doing so. Chemtrails didn't really do it for me, but I'm looking forward to the proposed introspection of this album.
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