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Lana Del Rey – Blue Banisters + Watercolor Eyes

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by SlowGinFizzzz, Mar 20, 2021.

  1. 100% deserved. Love to see the critics switch like little bitches.
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  2. Should've been 10.0 in the first place, we been knew!
  3. Let me go blast National Anthem to my whole entire neighborhood in celebration.
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  4. The new score is still not it. But who cares really.
  5. Not p4k giving Vroom Vroom and Born to Die the exact same new score/pittance point-bump after being on the wrong side of history with both projects. They're not slick but at least it's an improvement
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Jesus christ I had forgotten the score they gave to Liz least it's been rectified now, but good god.
  7. It's still a scream they call Paradise her best early work.
  8. The 7.8 score must be an inside joke at this point. The go-to "we know this deserves better but this'll do while also increasing our engagement".
  9. It giving me the "Not available in your country" message, but apparently there's an alternate Arcadia video out:

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  10. Hmmm. Can't see it here, either.
  11. Wonder if it's intended for specific regions? I can see it from the UK. It's basically a single shot of her on the swing and ends with her sticking a middle finger up at the camera which seems to be her "thing" at the moment. It excludes the musical outro of the original video.
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  12. Well the new Born to Die score is higher than Ultraviolence, I’ll celebrate that.
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  13. OK, no.
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  14. Born To Die, NFR and Ultraviolence, her best albums we been knew!
  15. Weird that they slightly over scored both.

  16. Alternate video is visible for me in Poland but you really don't miss much. It's just her lypsyncing to the song and walking around white picket fence and a swing.
  17. What happened to the Blue Banisters video she teased ages ago? Honestly her roll outs are such a mess.
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  18. Giving The Dreaming a 7.7 is legitimately criminal...
  19. Her now ex-boyfriend is in it, so she may have scrapped it ddd.

    There were rumors that clip was only ever intended for an album trailer (which we haven't seen, either), and that she was looking into filming a new video for that song as recently as last month.
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  20. much better than the first one.
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