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Lana Del Rey – Blue Banisters + Watercolor Eyes

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by SlowGinFizzzz, Mar 20, 2021.

  1. They don’t actually know that for a fact. They’ve been wrong before dddd.
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  2. I thought The Trio (Interlude) would lead the album to somewhere else for a second.
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  3. Kinda feels like she's just throwing half-finished shit out there. Blue Banisters is still one of her best songs though.
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  4. Pretty much every thing since west coast
  5. Since a CD rip hit the train station... the production in the chorus of Black Bathing Suit is a mess, but the line about having no relationship with her mom, coupled with the reference to her as her father's "wife" in Wildflower Wildfire are some of the first times it feels like any kind of guard is completely down about her personal life.

    The album feels less cohesive than others and more just like a collection of various songs from someone who felt completely shattered by events in their life and are trying to reassemble the pieces. I think it'll grow on a lot of people.
  6. It's interesting that the album does sound raw/rough. It really sounds like demos sometimes (especially her vocals; they're not bad, but you can see there's no processing happening in some songs) but it gives some flavor\edge.

    Chemtrails sounded more polished compared to this, and also boring. The songs were there, just not anything interesting happening. I'd say this is NFR-through-Ultra-Lens while Chemtrails was... Honeymoon's version.

    Black Bathing Suit is sampling Hallelujah, isn't it?
  7. I quite like this album, but that wailing she does on Black Bathing Suit was certainly a choice she didn't need to make. I kind of feel spoiled that we’ve gotten two complete bodies of work and a poetry book during the pandemic.
  8. Will she announce the title and release date of her next album on release day? I’m used to this now!
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    One of my friends told me that she doesn't even reference the phrase Rock Candy Sweet ANYWHERE in this album. Is this true, and if so, why is she such a mess?!
  10. That title is referenced in a song called Loved You Now and Then that she ended up not using for this album, so at some point she reworked the album from Rock Candy Sweet into Blue Banisters.

    One of the reputable insiders said she had more new material recorded for this album, but she might be saving it for the next one now instead ddd.
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  11. well based on her previous album rollouts, she should be announcing her next album any day now.
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  12. I get some (eccentric) Fiona Apple and Tori Amos vibes from this album. It’s easily her most unpolished album and much more stream-of-consciousness than the others, but also her most unfiltered and exposed? It’s the album that best represents her actual personality, in my opinion, warts and all.
  13. Well... I'm used to Lana and her music/mood, but this album is SO boring, Jesus Christ! Even Honeymoon has something else. It does have some beautiful songs, of course, but overall it's too slow and way too long. 14 songs in unison ('cos The Trio pretends to change the mood but it doesn't).
  14. I’ve listened to it a few times and it’s really doing very little for me. One thing I always adored about Lana were the beautiful melodies strewn across her albums. I’m just not getting that here, barring the odd song. Perhaps it’ll grow on me, but so far it sounds like a rather wilful, off putting record.
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  15. I hadn’t known any of the unreleased leaked tracks before.. so Dealer caught me off guard.
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  16. Yeah I've never heard any of the leaked tracks that made the cut here so it will be all new to me.
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  17. I’m just hoping her unreleased tracks weren’t unreleased for a reason. Though if The Next Best American Record is any indication…
  18. She has loads of fantastic unreleased ones. I'd say just from archives she could release two of her best albums ever if she'd be willing to be a bit more flexible with her sound. There are proper classics out there.
  19. Whilst I don't think I would ever swap out the unreleased tracks for album tracks, Lana's unreleased material is really strong. Fine China, for one, is a masterpiece.
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  20. Funny how she's willing to release all those unreleased songs from around Lust For Life as well as the collabs with Barrie that are from like 2013, yet she refuses to officially put out classics like Serial Killer, Kinda Outta Luck, You Can Be The Boss, Us Against The World, Jealous Girl etc., some of which she not only performed live, but that also all went viral on Tiktok. Make it make sense, Lizzy!
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