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Lana Del Rey – Blue Banisters + Watercolor Eyes

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by SlowGinFizzzz, Mar 20, 2021.

  1. Another great album by Lana hands down (she has yet to release a bad one), although I personally would have liked her to maybe try something different for a change (the last 3 albums are quite similar), go in the route of The Trio next? I think her working more with The Weeknd or someone like Dev Hynes could be an interesting turn.

    Not sure where I would rank this among her previous ones though, hard to say.
  2. This album, while being nothing incredibly groundbreaking in terms of her catalogue, is exactly what I needed from her. The trifecta of 3 previously unreleased songs (“Nectar of the Gods”, “Living Legend”, and “Cherry Blossom”) is perfection. And “Blue Banisters” (the track) is already LDR canon
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  3. I feel Banisters is not really that similar to Norman with Chemtrails being the transition album between both. I expect the next one to be a bit of a turn again with a slightly new and different vibe, with the one after that being a complete masterpiece again. Just a feeling.
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  4. And luckily for us, Lana already has titles and release dates (that's a Tuesday, ma'am) for both!
  5. Just got a notification that my vinyl from UO has been delayed to 11/19, ugh.
  6. Will there be any restocks of the white vinyl with original art? That's the only one I'd want as the rest just don't make sense. (Even the white doesn't sit right with me but.... ya know)
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  8. Picked up my Indie Exclusive vinyl today from Assai, I love it. All the covers have something I like, but that photo in particular is weirdly majestic.

    Anyway, I’ve been silent here so far because I couldn’t get into my account but think this is, unsurprisingly, a gorgeous record. I don’t know that I think it’s stronger than Chemtrails, but it does feel markedly different I’m still just digesting it all. The first three tracks are absolutely stunning, and things like Black Bathing Suit and Sweet Carolina really just pick you up and carry you off to new places… but a couple of the songs don’t feel AS strong on the whole as the Chemtrails tracklisting. Maybe.

    I only compare because everyone seems to be, largely to put Chemtrails in a negative light, which is bizarre to me.

    Blue Banisters feels less ornate and more free form, which is really arresting. It’s more obviously “patchwork” (despite other albums containing old cuts added onto otherwise new track listings), but it makes it work.

    Regardless of anything of anything else it absolutely deserves the praise it’s getting. Her lean into the pastoral, the everyday and quotidian since Norman has lead to unexpectedly (?) revelatory work from her and I lap it all up so far.
  9. And yet she posted a picture of herself signing Blue Banisters booklets/cards on her Honeymoon account just today. I wonder when they're for, if not for a decent chart position?
  10. It’s because Elton and Lana are both on Universal in the UK, and they’re keener on getting Elton to No.1 over Lana.
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  11. They were already sold/pre-ordered before the album's release, if I'm not mistaken. Fans received notifications they'd sending out the signed art cards late. She said she was only signing 2400, which is why they're going for so much on resale sites already.
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  13. The way I’m confronting myself about if I like this more than NFR…turmoil honey.
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  14. Lana putting the interlude on this for seemingly no reason:

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  15. I think label wasn't really keen on dropping another record just 8 months (?) after the first one. We already know about the vinyl plant dramas and I don't think this record has been ready long enough to feel pressed that... they're delaying the delivery now.

    The alternative covers, bundles, cassette... it's all in full force out there. Apart from Lust For Life, don't think they ever bothered to battle for the #1 spot. And from her livestream, she's really not caring as well.

    I find it a miracle she sent videotaped performances for these talk shows for Chemtrails and now this. This release does feel way more lowkey than any other before. The lack of festival spots\touring is interesting, because it feels like she's the type of act that benefits from these to let the public know there's something new.
  16. This made me laugh, because she’s more or less been doing the same setlist since 2014. Like if you were a casual fan going to a show you probably wouldn’t know she had a new album out.
  17. This album puts a lot of Chemtrails into perspective for me, weirdly. They're not that similar sonically, so I guess it's just having two albums in the same year from her that has me comparing them - the highlights of both would probably be her best album (or at least on par with Norman Fucking Rockwell!), but between both records there's a fair amount of filler that drags them down a little bit.

    I remember saying when Chemtrails dropped that it was the first time she'd felt sonically redundant, and while I don't quite agree with myself eight months later, Blue Banisters is definitely the more adventurous of the two.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I literally did NOT go to the Norman tour for this exact reason. The exact same medley from the LA to the Moon Tour, the complete lack of The greatest on the setlist, only FIVE songs from the 14 song album she was actually "promoting" all just seemed so half-assed to me. These two TV performances have had more effort put into them...
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  19. Me seeing her in 2018 and then not bothering about 2020 because it was the same setlist . I mean, more in a "Oh, Lana Del Rey is the headliner, let's check what she's up to after Summertime Sadness Remix" for the GP dddd. Idk, just funny because she always had festival season after every album.

    There are rumors she'll be (re)confirmed for Lolla Brazil 2022, but she said she wasn't touring on that Insta Live so I'm curious. Honeymoon didn't have a proper tour as well, but she called it "Festival Tour" and then performed 3 songs from the album.
  20. I haven't seen her since the Endless Summer Tour and honestly I'm at peace with that. Her decision to make half the shows on the NFR Tour in bumfuck parts of the midwest was certainly a choice. I'd love if she just did a set of songs from Chemtrails and Banisters at home or whatever and popped it online.
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