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Lana Del Rey – Blue Banisters + Watercolor Eyes

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by SlowGinFizzzz, Mar 20, 2021.

  1. Watercolor Eyes is on the Spotify New Music Friday AU & NZ playlist!

    The song is out there and it's all kinds of amazing! She's using again her White Dress voice!
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  2. So going by the lyrics, is this a new title for "Rock Candy Sweet"
  3. The insiders say it's not, although not sure how they know.
  4. I personally don't find Watercolor Eyes to be all that exciting, but it's fine. It's never bad, it's just... whatever.
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  5. I love the new song! The only bit I could do without is the repeated "watercolor eyes".
  6. rdp


    Kinda enjoy how it sounds like she might go off-key at any moment during the chorus. Queen of leaving us on the edge! Who says her current music isn't exciting etc.
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  7. Reminds me a lot of Waiting for Life in parts.
  8. Oh i love this. The overall sound reminds me of Honeymoon era.
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  9. This has done incredibly well on Spotofy, #49 in the US and #74 in the UK
    despite zero playlist support (was track #25 on NMF), really amazing!
  10. Charts at #87 in the UK. Second #87 peak in a row as Dealer peaked at the same position.
    Great result considering she got zero airplay or Spotify playlist support.
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  11. [​IMG]

    A highlight.
  12. The Euphoria credits version of Watercolor Eyes finally leaked.
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  13. Truly starting to feel like Wildflower Wildfire is one of her best lately. I can't stop coming back to this album now, but it wasn't instant for me at all.
  14. Doin' Time is just such a triumph. The song sounds like a desert mirage.
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