Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

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Ride - 9/10
American - 8/10
Cola - 10/10
Body Electric - 9/10 (Better live)
Blue Velvet - 8/10
Gods & Monsters - 10/10
Yayo - 9/10
Bel Air - 10/10
Burning Desire - 8/10
I don't think there are any officially released Lana songs that dip below a 7 for me. I'd say Million Dollar Man is probably my least favourite of the lot, simply because it does or says nothing that it isn't done or said better anywhere else on the album and I like Diet Mountain Dew but it doesn't feel essential. People disregard Carmen and Lolita but I think they're important songs in the Lana Del Rey narrative (the Ride video almost follows Carmen's lyrics to the letter) and they vary things up a bit.

As for as Paradise is concerned, Body Electric is on the weaker side for similar reasons to Million Dollar Man (though in comparing the two I prefer the former) and while Blue Velvet and Yayo still seem like odd choices to me, on their own merits they're very good. Burning Desire is probably her first track to leave me utterly cold.
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Oh God, so many tracks I've yet to listen too.

I'm falling behind in Lana Del Rey-land. Too much music at the moment!
Love the Paradise edition! New tracks haven't caught my heart like the first album did but they're growing on me. Gods and Monsters is perfection.
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