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Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by speedyboi, May 12, 2010.

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  1. RJF


    Is "Cola" her playing the part of a hooker? If so, is the high note her just putting on the theatrics of a fake orgasm to please a trick? If so, it's all awesome.
  2. I wasn't all that big into Born To Die, but this is scratching an itch for me. Cola is battling National Anthem for my favorite song that she's done. Blue Velvet also is a great pick for a cover, that song fits her voice like a glove, and I've been jamming out to the Lindstrom remix all day. Her voice sounds seriously heavenly on it, swooping in and out of sync with the aggressively repetitive disco track. Great combination!
  3. I really wish that the instrumentals of her songs leaked. 'American' is so beautiful.

  4. Although I prefer BTD over this the samey-ness is her vibe, ride and Bel Air are my favorites, the others don't disappoint me, they just don't do anything for me either.
  5. Not that it seems something that would even cross Lana's mind, but is there a chance she is ever getting an international hit with the kind of stuff she releases? I don't necessarily mean a hit of Video Games' proportions, but just a proper hit. Don't get me wrong, I love every single song she releases and adore a large portion of her demo's, it's just not the kind of music that'd get heavy radioplay. Or maybe, who knows, she'll record an album full of depressing dancepoptracks next!
  6. I think she's more of an album artist, so no. I would be very surprised if she had anything vaguely resembling a hit but I'm fine with it if she proves me wrong.
  7. You lot act as if all her singles have completely sunk without trace in every territory. Aside from the US she has a fairly decent charting record in most places. Summertime Sadness went unnoticed on here but it was a hit in every territory it was released in. Born To Die and Blue Jeans didn't exactly bomb either. Her only total flop is really National Anthem.
  8. Maybe we just have different definitions of what a hit is?
  9. Which is ironic considering it was basically the most likely hit that she had - that chorus was the most radio friendly and catchy thing she's does from a commercial standpoint. I always wonder what she'd be capable of if she really got behind (the right) a song and performed the hell out of it on a proper single promo tour..
  10. Sure, but If the singles I listed as her "hits" don't even "vaguely resemble a hit" to you then you must have very high standards for what a hit is.
  11. My belated rankings.

    1. Bel Air/ American
    2. Cola
    3. Ride
    4. Blue Velvet
    5. Yayo
    6. Burning Desire
    7. Gods and Monsters
    8. Body Electric
  12. The EP booklet is missing pages. It only has half the lyrics to Bel Air. The Born to Die The Paradise Edition on the CD with Born To Die is missing Without You Lolita and Lucky Ones.

    I would be mad but I love the EP.
  13. The Paradise EP mixed with Born to Die minus the bad parts (Body Electric, Carmen, Million Dollar Man, so forth) and you have a really incredible album. Oh, and Ride should be the opener.
  14. In my best Girls Aloud impression, NO NO NO.
  15. Can I just respond with "Sexy!"?
  16. Yes, which completely makes up for the fact that you cannot take any songs away from this era because their all fucking amazing! In their own respects, of course. But alas, to each his own.
  17. "Million Dollar Man" is the best non-single on "Born To Die".
  18. Off to the Races would disagree, followed by This Is What Makes Us Girls and...just about every other song on the album that doesn't have a chorus as lazy as "One for the money, two for the show..."!
  19. I'm sorry but NO. "Off To The Races" is a close second and it certainly benefits from having a great position on the tracklist but it has nothing on "Million Dollar Man".
  20. Yes, but I hate overly long albums, and I love creating custom "super" albums. So something's gotta go. Sometimes the super album thing doesn't work (The Fame mixed with The Fame Monster, for instance), but in LDR's case it does, as her sound has stayed fairly consistent. And seriously, Ride - Born to Die - Blue Jeans - Video Games makes for one incredible album opening.
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