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Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by speedyboi, May 12, 2010.

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  1. I think I know what this is missing: hip-hop influence. There's not enough of it.
  2. Is your CD ripped in 320kbps MP3?
  3. My out and out favorite from this new batch is Bel Air
  4. AAC, I'm not an MP3 guy.
  5. I love all the songs on this EP except Yayo. I just not feeling the song anymore. I replaced it with Burning Desire.
  6. I really like the new songs. Many were growers, but they're all very good. Less instant melodically than the regular edition songs, but maybe more atmospheric for it. My favourite is Bel Air, I think.

    Also, I've been looking through the lyrics and jeez was I getting some of them wrong:
    In Ride I thought she was singing "You can be my photon, daddy" not "You can be my full-time daddy."
    And in American I thought she was singing "Get your crystal meth fit on," not "get your crystal method on."
    Mine make approximately no sense, but I prefer them.
  7. My favorite misheard lyric from Ride is 'You can be my futon daddy'

    I also thought it was 'get your crystal meth fit on' in American. Whoops.
  8. My interest in Lana has been declining so precipitously for the last year that I'm just shocked at how much my interest has been reinvigorated by the Paradise EP. Finally having a decently mastered version of Ride has transformed it into easily one of my favorite songs of the year. "I was an angel / looking to get fucked hard / like a groupie incognito posing as a real singer / life imitates art" must surely be one of the most spectacular lyrical sequences she's come up with yet. I guess I'm starting to understand the enthrallment and fervor that I've occasionally watch grip the frequent posters of this thread. LDR's myth-building like the best of them, and I love it.
  9. I just listened to my version of PARADISE, following the lyrics on a print out. its Love.

    Gods and Monsters
    Bel Air
    Damn You (Leak)
    Blue Velvet

    Such an experience. Love the melody, love the lyric. I still totally love this girl. But what does 'Lyrics and Melody by Lana Del Rey' mean when Written is by 'Lana Del Rey and SOMEONE'?

    Looking forward to more.

  10. This EP is second to Electra Heart as far as shear quality goes for music this year. From start to finish I'm just so enthralled at her growth as a songwriter, especially with God's and Monsters.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Maybe its so she can actually get credit for her work rather than all the reviews being like "oh yeah, she's so manufactured. She doesn't even write her own songs! Its all Emile Haynie and Justin Parker that do the work..."
  12. It is exactly that - it is highlighting that she wrote the lyrics and melody, even if she had help with the music and instrumentation!
  13. What's the "faked orgasm" shit about?
  14. This EP is somehow even better than the album. 'Gods and Monsters' has yet to grab me like the rest do, but I'll give it time. 'American' and 'Cola' are absolutely beautiful.
  15. Gods and Monsters is my fave after Ride on the EP. But then 'Carmen' is in my top 3 from Born To Die so my opinion may be mute by the general consensus.
  16. Agreed. Another 'Off To The Races' would have been nice!

    I actually think the EP is a bit too down-tempo. Something like Off To The Races, Diet Mountain Dew (love that song!) or Lolita would have been nice to break things up a bit!

    And I don't really like 'Cola'. It joins 'Carmen' as my song that I kinda like but never really listen to.
  17. Yes, Diet Mountain Dew is a good example of what this is missing. I'd have liked a song or two like that, and then another couple of the songs to have gone harder on the guitar (Cola, I'm looking at you).
  18. The EP is far better without a 'Diet Mountain Dew', thanks...
  19. It's in my top five Lana tracks! (Along with Video Games, Blue Jeans, the National Anthem demo and Without You)
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