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Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by speedyboi, May 12, 2010.

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  1. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I love American, and I keep saying it, but it hasn't let go of me. Too good.
  2. [video][/video]

    Amazing. Just simply stunning.
  3. Utterly fucking beautiful. Can we say this may be one of her best live performances? I'm looking forward to hearing more of Ride live, and American. Just give me those two Lana, please!
  4. The guitarist on her right is fucking hot.

    Oh yes, the performance was great too.
  5. I feel about the exact opposite. I thought Born To Die was one of the best of the year...but apart from Cola and American the EP is a total letdown.
  6. There is something so mysterious, almost dangerous, about Lana Del Rey and I find it so attractive. I worship the ground this woman walks on.

    Her EP and album are amazing, perfect music.
  7. I just feel like this whole Lana Del Ray thing is a bit of a fad and will probably have been forgotten about this time next year!!
  8. I think you're confused with Tulisa.
  9. Tulisa has been around more than five years. Don't get me wrong, I like Lana Del Ray a lot!! Just my predictions for the future is all...
  10. With album sales as dead as they are at the moment, I can't see people investing in Tulisa's album when her music is seen as disposable.

    Tulisa will be lucky to sell 10% of what Lana has in the UK.

    Fair enough Tulisa may have had a #1 with Young, but will that translate into album sales?

    Definitely not.

    The demographic that Tulisa appeals to will just search for it on piratebay and torrent it within 30 seconds.
  11. XXX


    This has nothing to do with Tulisa, why do you feel the need to bring her up at all beside starting a stupid war for something that playboy69 posted? Which was basically just his(/her) own opinion and might easily be true. Grow up, please.
  12. Yeah, don't like this trend of picking on people based on their avatars, that's such a ATRL/FOTP bullshit thing to do.
  13. Who is Tulisa? I´m from germany & I´ve never heard from her....

    Anyway Lana did great on "Schlag den Raab" on german television. They promoted her album & tour.
    She performed Ride of course with mesmerizing vocals and in an beautiful set up.
  14. Well you would say that with THAT FLOP IN YOUR AVATAR.

  15. Lana's performance at "Schlag Den Raab":
    She was struggling with those high notes a bit but overall quite lovely.
  16. That was really nice. Ride really suits her live.

    Struggling to decide if Ride my favourite Lana song... or National Anthem? FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.
  17. She sings it really well live but I still can't get into Ride, its her weakest single for me.
  18. How silly, do you honestly think that or are you just trolling? Because she's managed to be seen and heard very consistently in 2012.
  19. playboy69 is just going through all these threads and calls every artist a flop, I guess that's one way to spend your time on the Internet.
  20. I think she'll always make music.

    I think its hard to predict an artists future, nobody knows what taste will be like when her next album comes around.

    I do have to say, on every thread I go on playboy69 is there "trolling" the artist.
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