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Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by speedyboi, May 12, 2010.

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  1. I don't recognise the name playboy69 from other blogs, but then again I probably just ignore it.
  2. What are the chances of her outselling One Direction by the end of the year (with a little help from the "Paradise Edition", obivously) ? Last time I checked, they were at 3.1 million and she was at 2.9 but I sort of stopped keeping track.
    Not that it really matters, just curious. Okay, maybe it does matter a little bit.
  3. The chances are incredibly slim seeing as their album is far fresher and will sell far more over Christmas. But #3 is nothing to sniff at!
  4. Gods and Monsters is a beast. Seriously impressed and not able to listen to anything else.

    In the land of gods and monsters
    I was an angel
    Looking to get fucked hard

    This part always kills me. But the whole EP is amazing.
  5. You're right. Especially considering the fact that it hasn't done that well in the US.
  6. Well if you look back through my posts you see that I actually like Lana Del Ray a lot so I wasn't trolling. It is just what I feel. But if all you fan boys can't take a little bit of criticism towards your favourite singer then that's your problem. Just accept somebody's opinion rather than gang up and call that person a 'troll.' God.
  7. You could bother learning to spell her name right, though.
  8. I don't think I was ganging up on you. I was pointing out something I think you do. I've made my opinion clear and I don't see any reason why we should keep the conversation going on here.

    Anyway, do you think it'll go top 3 tonight?
  9. Oh gosh I never realised her name was spelt with an e!! My bad!!

    And whatever inanotherlife, you should have kept to discussing the point I made (which was a fair point to make no?) and not taken it off topic by hounding me...
  10. I am in love with 'Paradise'. I've been off work for a week and it's been played everyday. 'American' and 'Ride' are my favourites right now, and I can only listen to 'Cola' with a glass of the stuff in my hand. 'Born to Die' was my favourite record of the year but 'Paradise' is a close second.
  11. OK, now that 'Gods and Monsters' has sunk its wicked fangs into me, I officially love every track on the EP. Fantastic stuff. 'American' may be her best track ever, which is quite an achievement. She needs to work with Nowels a lot more in the future, as the tracks with him are definitely the best.

    Why does everyone seem to be apathetic about 'Body Electric'? It's gorgeous!
  12. jigglemypuff

    jigglemypuff Guest

    People were expecting a more exciting chorus, I guess.
  13. I do like Body Electric. But I'm really used to the live version. And boy, was it great. The studio version falls a bit flat in comparison. It's probably my least favorite song. Well, it's better than the reworked Yayo in my book. But yeah.
  14. I love Body Electric.
  15. I far prefer the album version of 'Body Electric' to the live version. The chorus may be repetitive, but the melody of it is captivating. Wonderful stuff. I'm having a hard time choosing a favorite track from the EP, the quality is so consistent. 'American', 'Ride', 'Cola', and 'Body Electric' are all fighting for the title!
  16. Just bought this on a whim at Target - if it's good enough maybe I'll shell out for the original!
  17. I feel like owning the companion EP without owning the album would drive me fucking nuts.
  18. I find Body Electric to be utterly hypnotizing, at times disturbing. It just has a certain creepiness to it that really attracts me. I love the way she delivers ' We get down every Friday night ". Gods and Monsters is the song that steals the show, which considering the calibre of the other tracks is no easy title to win.
  19. I like the imagery her music conjures up. That's a rare thing in music nowadays. I get loads of imagery from her songs - cowboys and indians, americana, pirates, trailer trash, etc. It's good.
  20. Yeah her songs are really strong. I like the narrative thread thats always present. I don't think I have heard a song this year with a stronger narrative than Off To The Races. That song remains untouchable.
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