Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

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What are the chances of her outselling One Direction by the end of the year (with a little help from the "Paradise Edition", obivously) ? Last time I checked, they were at 3.1 million and she was at 2.9 but I sort of stopped keeping track.
Not that it really matters, just curious. Okay, maybe it does matter a little bit.
He / Him / His
The chances are incredibly slim seeing as their album is far fresher and will sell far more over Christmas. But #3 is nothing to sniff at!
Gods and Monsters is a beast. Seriously impressed and not able to listen to anything else.

In the land of gods and monsters
I was an angel
Looking to get fucked hard

This part always kills me. But the whole EP is amazing.
Well if you look back through my posts you see that I actually like Lana Del Ray a lot so I wasn't trolling. It is just what I feel. But if all you fan boys can't take a little bit of criticism towards your favourite singer then that's your problem. Just accept somebody's opinion rather than gang up and call that person a 'troll.' God.
I don't think I was ganging up on you. I was pointing out something I think you do. I've made my opinion clear and I don't see any reason why we should keep the conversation going on here.

Anyway, do you think it'll go top 3 tonight?
Oh gosh I never realised her name was spelt with an e!! My bad!!

And whatever inanotherlife, you should have kept to discussing the point I made (which was a fair point to make no?) and not taken it off topic by hounding me...
I am in love with 'Paradise'. I've been off work for a week and it's been played everyday. 'American' and 'Ride' are my favourites right now, and I can only listen to 'Cola' with a glass of the stuff in my hand. 'Born to Die' was my favourite record of the year but 'Paradise' is a close second.
OK, now that 'Gods and Monsters' has sunk its wicked fangs into me, I officially love every track on the EP. Fantastic stuff. 'American' may be her best track ever, which is quite an achievement. She needs to work with Nowels a lot more in the future, as the tracks with him are definitely the best.

Why does everyone seem to be apathetic about 'Body Electric'? It's gorgeous!
I do like Body Electric. But I'm really used to the live version. And boy, was it great. The studio version falls a bit flat in comparison. It's probably my least favorite song. Well, it's better than the reworked Yayo in my book. But yeah.
I far prefer the album version of 'Body Electric' to the live version. The chorus may be repetitive, but the melody of it is captivating. Wonderful stuff. I'm having a hard time choosing a favorite track from the EP, the quality is so consistent. 'American', 'Ride', 'Cola', and 'Body Electric' are all fighting for the title!
I find Body Electric to be utterly hypnotizing, at times disturbing. It just has a certain creepiness to it that really attracts me. I love the way she delivers ' We get down every Friday night ". Gods and Monsters is the song that steals the show, which considering the calibre of the other tracks is no easy title to win.
I like the imagery her music conjures up. That's a rare thing in music nowadays. I get loads of imagery from her songs - cowboys and indians, americana, pirates, trailer trash, etc. It's good.
Yeah her songs are really strong. I like the narrative thread thats always present. I don't think I have heard a song this year with a stronger narrative than Off To The Races. That song remains untouchable.
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