Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

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Ride took a bit for me to get, but once I got it...damn. It's her best song. That final chorus is deserving of awards.
I remember everyone on here crowing about how amazing it was when it premiered and I just didn't understand it. Bad times.
I was all for hearing more Hip/Hop influenced Lana, but the Paradise edition has convinced me otherwise. I love 'Ride', so I'm completely 'here' for more lush, Americana-influenced soft-rock if she wants to go that way.

To be honest, I'll probably be happy with whatever she puts out. I stan for her a bit, seriously faultless.
Well isn't she looking mighty fine these days!

She sure is.

More tracks like 'Off to the Races' would be great. Something with a bit of zip.

This is what Paradise is missing to me. On the new album I hope she throws in a few Blue Jeans and Diet Mountain Dew's. Songs that move a slightly faster pace. There are moments on Paradise where it takes her 1 minute and 45 seconds to say 2 words because its moving so sloooooow.
Lana Del Rey ft. David Guetta.

Please no. Haha.

But I agree that Paradise was a bit one-paced. A nice pace, but a bit more variation wouldn't hurt.
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