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Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rafa_el, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. Samples?
  2. Radio 1 interview... wow. Not sure Annie knows what the hell is going on.
  3. She doesn't sound high or intoxicated, but she's having trouble speaking coherently. And she sounds really annoyed about the feedback on the cover. She keeps swearing, dropping the word "racist" and "racism" and Annie keeps trying to change the subject, basically. She's less interested in talking about her album than ranting about politics and society. She's kind of hard to follow as usual.
  4. She definitely sounds... far from ok. It's a mess
  5. Even the biggest die-hard fans I follow are scared with no clue of what she's trying to say. It's a mess.
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  6. Luc


    The HMV Exclusive red LP cover is gorgeous!
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  7. I hate to speculate on this and I feel like I may be opening a can of worms here, and I'll delete this if its against any rules and I know it doesn't excuse anything she's saying/said but could she be struggling with her mental health? She's very much hinted at it in all her lyrics and had some hot takes on it in the past, but sometimes if I'm really ill I don't make much sense either, even when I'm sober.
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  8. Never expected her to say fuck or shit on live radio, that's the first time I've heard her swear on live radio, I think Annie was shocked, is she on painkillers for her arm by any chance?
  10. Suddenly I’m glad I haven’t really paid attention to her interviews even prior to this year dd
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  11. She's had issues in the past with her mental health and also relapsing. I haven't heard this interview, but if it's actually as alarming as people have been saying, then I hope she gets help for whatever she might be struggling with. Regardless of her showing her ass repeatedly recently, nobody deserves to go through something like that.

  12. Video premiering now. Different mix of the song with the outro having some vocals and not just the drum sample at the end. Brthr did an amazing job but it kinda takes too long to switch up and the first part is just really nothing at all.
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  13. Or Jack Harlow since you know Gerald was an ex.
  14. Who the fuck edited that video and how do we make sure they never work again?

    It's awful. All of the set-ups are nice but there's no time to enjoy any of them. And the diegetic noise? *whooooosh* No thanks!

    Even Sophie Muller would be agog at the overly liberal use of filters.
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  15. I echo most of the posts in here about her ghastly Instagram posts and justifications....but also...the song simply isn't very good either. It has very, very little of the melodic beauty of her best stuff.

  16. We could have had a beautiful cover shot by Neil Krug but instead we got that awful phone camera shot with a black-and-white filter? Lord.
  17. That's just their style. They did the videos for The Weeknd's "Party Monster" and Selena's "Rare" which were just as chaotic

  18. Also mess dd

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