Lana Del Rey - Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd

Ultraviolence Anniversary edition with a CD2 of the bonuses and other unreleased songs please.

As much as I'd devour a Unreleased Compilation, I'd be happier with "anniversary editions"... just for the sonic cohesion of it all dd. Plus that would be a way to inflate help with the original albums as well.

Ultraviolence 10th anniversary: Say Yes To Heaven, Fine China, Your Girl, Flipside, Is This Happiness, Cult Leader, I Can Fly & Big Eyes? All in a cute double CD? Perfect. I think apart from Cult Leader, all these were just polished and mastered\ready for release with the album and then cut. And there's still like, Holllywood, which she teased as something that got leaked "with wrong production" and that could mean a Ultraviolence makeover.

Born To Die alone deserved a triple disc affair dd.

More aligned with thread theme: it seems like ALL Ocean Blvrd instrumentals are out there now?