Lana Del Rey - Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd

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I still think the 4 photos are iPhone ones. Just shot by professionals dd.

At least they're an improvement over these so hello let's celebrate that!




I, too, am a "hope is a dangerous thing..." cover stan. It synergizes well with the song.

I've been humming "there's a tunnel under ocean boulevard... don't forget me" all day, this really was the unexpected Dark Horse I was lowkey waiting for to sail me to the end of the year. It's one of those songs that's giving me more oxytocin or whatever with repeat listens. One of those songs that makes being a slut for pop feel like a worthwhile pursuit.
Some more info:

- Album opener The Grants is a “full song, and gorgeous”
- Track 4, A&W, called American Whore by Jack on IG, is over 7+ minutes long
- Track 6 is called Candy Necklace, 5:14
- Track 9 is Fingertips, 5:48
Kind of scared with all the infos coming already that the whole thing leaks by February.
On another note, what ever happened to the rock candy sweet album? Is this an evolution of that or has that been deleted?
Likely she just uses bits and pieces here and there I'd say. Or it just waits on some stolen laptop or unprotected server to leak together with 270 other songs.

It's quite interesting how she won back even my most critical friends since that stupid post came out. She didn't really do much to make up for it. I know people who still put the secret mode on when they listen to her so nobody sees. But they also can't resist.
I hope Rockefeller, one of the rumored tracks, turns out to be real. She's gonna be in her 'The Last Great American Dynasty' bag.
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