Lana Del Rey - Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd

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Haven't they? Half her concert audiences are dressed in vintage! I think those people in particular taking a stand (against fast fashion) are exactly the type of people this campaign is trying to court, otherwise why bother if they're doing so well?

This is obviously a much wider issue than Lana doing a cute photoshoot (and girl has never been who you go to for her ethics) but you do only have to scroll at the commentary around SKIMS to see people passionately campaigning against it. Hopefully it'll do the opposite of what they're trying to achieve and Ms Grant still gets coin.
I think it's a bit of romantizing saying half her audience is dressing in vintage and somehow especially caring about anything environmental. Basically everybody in Hyde Park this summer looked as Zara and Primark as anyone else on the street. She is mainstream and did an H&M campaign herself.
From the generation that brought you “there is no ethical consumption under capitalism” to justify supporting labour exploitation, I really don’t think her audience cares if she’s modelling Skims.
But do you smoke weed?

This is the same woman who made a quick stop at Macy’s to buy her dress for the Grammy’s and had live laugh love signs in her own house ddd. She already gave up on glam a decade ago.
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What happened in here and why are we talking about Lana's audience as if it's just one type of person though. (The idea that her many millions of fans all shop vintage did send me a bit)

Where was this "many millions" implied so much that it sent you? It was a sweeping generalisation of what I've seen at her concerts and who else I know that went - wasn't claiming to know the exact personas from her labels market research, like..

As I said in my original post, the conversation is bigger than this campaign but it is a topic that people feel passionately about and (given where we are in this boiling world right now) surely speculating the agenda of a trash brand should be afforded some consideration and a bit of nuance here? People coming out in defence with "oh well she's a fast fashion girlie through and through, it's not her problem lol?" or "her fans are just basic, the mere idea some would be environmentally conscious? Please!" is great for kiis and likes and will probably keep the random thoughts thread alive, but is this reaction constructive or all that hilarious?
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Fast fashion is bad, when people buy 200 items every three weeks and then bin them. Buying a luxury item of 'slow fashion' (lets call big brands that) is much better for the planet (and you, people wear them more for many years I guess when it's a lux item?). But if we get back to earth (as in real life and reality) a Lana stan (earning few $$) buying a Zara skirt, Primark jeans and a tee from Urban Outfitters and those being their purchase of the trimester is gonna do the same harm as someone buying three Vetements items the same period. In short all fashion is bad and we should not make people in low income situations feel bad.

I'd even say 'fast fashion is evil!!' was hijacked and repackaged by brands, blogs and e shops as a way to guilt trip people into buying lux items instead of cheaper options. The kii is even Balanciaga, Gucci, Bottega have started having their stuff made in China.

Saying 'this is a biodegradable plastic bag' when its not (what Skims did) is garbage though and they should be called out till change happens.
I still wear most of my clothes from high school and they’re still as strong as the day I got them. Most new clothes I buy from what you would assume are quality retailers eventually start falling apart after a year of wear. It’s a bit ridiculous.
I just thought the SKIMS campaign was basically down to the fact she's friendly with Kim K nn
I saw excerpts of an interview she did about it and she was like 'yeah I was talking to [businessperson I've forgotten the name of] on the phone about how my friends and I love SKIMS and she asked at the same time if I wanted to do the shoot... it was so serendipitous!' Whether that's true or not... who knows.
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