Lana Del Rey - Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd

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I haven't finished listening to the full record yet, but it's markedly different to her previous works. A few of the songs, like Fingertips and Kintsugi, are more like poetry put to music. She's using a lot more of her higher register in the songs - Paris, Texas is such a pretty song.
Wait did this leak?
Everything but Candy Necklace, yes.
Starting to think the title track may be up there with Ride, Venice Bitch, and White Dress in her pantheon of absolute classic masterpieces. Is the tunnel a metaphor for the passage of time? Intense insecurity/self-loathing? Both? The way it swells and eventually gives way to a sort of resigned joy, or at least peacefulness is so beautiful. When that tinkling piano quietly comes in on the second verse like ocean mist...heavenly.
I've only listened to the officially released songs but for me, it's The Grants>Did You Know There's A Tunnel Under Ocean Boulevard>A&W. It's all good shit though. We love it when pop isn't low effort and disappointing!
I caved.

The entire album is, as expected beautiful. The first half especially, but from the first listen I found it was nearly too much. Like everyone is pouring emotion into this thing and, I think it will take a while to digest. Margaret (clearly Jack Antonoff's wedding song) is a particularly gorgeous moment where the tears just had to come. Lana 4 eva!
I caved because I have a really busy weekend next week, and I know I’ll stream it to death anyway…

My early thoughts are that it’s giving

The instrumentals sound great, but the pastors words are just so empty. Musically, they’re nice, vibey, world-building moments… I’m desperate to hear how ‘Candy Necklace’ fits into the middle of these.

At the moment I think it’s probably ‘Grandfather Please Stand On The Shoulders Of My Father While He’s Deep-Sea Fishing’. It starts off so tender then becomes this huge sweeping cinematic moment in its second half, while sacrificing none of its beauty.

‘A&W’ is still as much of a gag as it was on first listen.

‘Paris, Texas’ is so whimsical and she’s never sounded more pretty.

I’m sure one of the trio of psychedelic trap songs at the end will settle as a fave as well. EDIT: I’m now obsessed with ‘Fishtail’.

I’ve not really listened to ‘Let The Light In’ or ‘Margaret’ properly (and obviously ‘Candy Necklace’) because I still want to discover more next Friday, like those of you with willpower.
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