Lana Del Rey - Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd

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The main reason I like A&W less than the other two songs is that I think it's too long and wastes a lot of time on a boring instrumental part. Otherwise, it slays. It takes a very weird turn at the end and I dig that.
I’ve been absolutely hooked on Lana’s discography again in anticipation for the new album, and she truly has one of the greatest discographies out there. I always find something in her albums that reveals itself over time.

Lately Chemtrails has been such a huge revelation for me, initially I felt a bit cold towards it. I still think Norman Fucking Rockwell! And Ultraviolence are her two crowning jewels. Stunning front to back both of them.


My vinyl has shipped.

Can't wait for Friday!
Granted I will admit, I am one of those fans that really hasn't "loved" an album since Lust For Life. (Norman Fucking Rockwell was really good too).
Just something about her doing cinematic productions and or doing the trip pop sound was my favorite direction of hers.
I gotta re-listen to her last two albums though, I grow over time and start to appreciate what other music is that I didn't ever give a second chance
When you think about it, they moved the release day to avoid Miley and then Miley misfired so Lana would totally beaten her. Fall Out Boy might be a tougher competition.
Not us rocking up to the listening event to be told the free posters had all been taken by the swarms of school kids in front of us. We bolted! Will wait till Friday to listen x
Cancelled my Target copy, going to my local store on Saturday for the indie green.

Has the train left? I work tomorrow, ugh.
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