Lana Del Rey - Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd

Aside from the singles, Let The Light In, Margaret, and Paris, Texas are all highlights for me.

I feel like people will dismiss Margaret for Jack's verse, and I mean, yeah, I would've loved for the song to be all Lana, of course, but there's something so undeniably, achingly sweet about the track. It sounds like the Hollywood blockbuster sequel of Love Song. As for Paris, Texas, I appreciate how swift and light it is, especially coming off of the density of Kintsugi and Fingerprints (and thinking more about it, the intensity of the first half of the album).

And then Let The Light In is just, honestly...slay.

The album is a lot. And it's mostly all great aside from the interludes (these girls wish they were Burnt Norton nn). I'll be interested to see how it's perceived at large since this is the most divisive an album of hers has sounded since Ultraviolence?
This is the first time I’ve avoided the leak of one of her albums entirely til release day / haven’t ordered a vinyl for release day either. I’m hoping I love it.
According to a user on the vinyl discord I’m on who works at a store, the vinyl copies may be largely delayed due to production issues:

FYI, for the US vinyl buyers, good luck finding any of the variants in store tomorrow. Apparently Lana’s label underestimated the delays in production and distributors only got 1/3 of their allotments. A lot of online stores are delaying shipments till 3/31, when the label expects to be caught up on distribution.

We only received one single copy in for sale tomorrow of the standard black and we ordered over two hundred copies.

No word on if this affects the Target edition but it affects all other color variants and the standard black.
One of my high school students thinks that all Lana Del Ray's recent output (Norman Fucking Rockwell to the new singles) sucks because the lyrics are middle aged white lady problems whereas the old music had adolescent appeal. This student is one of the most brilliant 15 year olds I've ever come across but that is one of the worst pop music takes of all time.

Middle aged white lady problems is not a good descriptor at all of her later period work and her lyrics have gotten significantly better over time. As good as the music was, some of the lyrics on the early albums were a bit rough. Ultraviolence is dripping with eyerolling cliches that are just worded in an aesthetically pleasing way. It wasn't bringing anything particularly insightful to the table whereas I think her more recent output mostly does. That's not to say Ultraviolence's lyrics aren't good. They are definitely artful and deploy language and literary devices well. But the concepts can be a bit stupid and trite. Not gonna lie.

I do think you can make a strong argument that the actual music on Born To Die or Ultraviolence has more verve, color, and texture to it than the more recent albums. But the lyrics are significantly worse, as they should be. I mean, why in the world should an older Lana Del Ray's music have adolescent appeal? That's what actually bothers me about a lot of other pop girls' work. Some of them sing about romance in a way that should have been left in high school.

Its Lana Del Rey babe.