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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, May 18, 2012.

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  2. Never Let Me Go is lovely!

    It's also been revealed that Ghetto Baby is the song she wrote set to be featured on Cheryl Cole's new album.
  3. RJF


    "Never Let Me Go" is gorgeous. Warmer than a lot of Born To Die; I think that might be down to the relative simplicity of the production.
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  4. Everyone still loves to prattle on how she can't sing, but 'Never Let Me Go' is so got damned beautiful. Toss it in a playlist with 'Pawn Shop Blues' and you've got yourself the beginnings of a great little coffee shop EP.
  5. Her first album has more plays for me than Born to Die but I still love Born to Die.
  6. I read about her plan to re-release her first album later this year... I have a lot of questions about that, such as will there be a name change,, will it be released as a proper album etc.
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  8. Look at you, ElectricHearts being all cute and starting Lana's soon to be huge GD thread...

    So proud of my fellow classmate of Popjustice High!

    And Never Let Me Go is goooorgeoooous!
  9. It is lovely! I've been listening to it on repeat. It's so light and summery.

    And yes Rene! We are the youngest children of ye old Popjustice.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Does anyone have a full list of all the songs that have leaked lately?
  11. I was at the short concert she did in Cannes, at the terrasse of the Martinez for Chopard. She was shy, pretty, very loveable. Voice was amazing. She did not let her disturbed by the rude millionaire russian girls who kept speeking during the whole performance, nor by the huge fireworks during "Born to die".

    She sang 5 songs (including Carmen, as an encore).
  12. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Rude millionaire Russian girls for the next album it is then!
    Great theme or what? Drugs, prostitution, trafficking etc.

    Also I am jealous of you!

    Was it televised?
  13. I'm gutted I missed her at the Ruby Lounge
  14. Vasilios, no, no TV. It was only filmed for Chopard. Security was hysterical against photos. She only had her pianist. She wore a splendid Chopard necklace (called "Rats"...). There was 100 persons I think.

    The view behind her, the fireworks, the songs, her voice, her white suit, the jewellery, her kindness : all was perfectly matching (except for the russians girls) and it was an amazing moment.

    (I just learnt Cindy Lauper sang last night at the VIP Room : I'm pissed I missed that).
  15. I know she's done some awful TV performances, but there's plenty of live performances where she sounds perfect. Maybe she buckles under pressure? Her voice is reet up me street, regardless.

    Never Let Me Go is lovely. I've been listening to the A.K.A album a lot recently and I think I actually prefer it to Born to Die too. Though I love that too.. Is this what being a 'stan' feels like?
  16. After seeing her perform poorly in various live performances, I had kinda written her off as a live act but her live lounge cover is pretty darn impressive! She strikes me as a shy character so I would yes, the nerves probably do get the better of her. I'm sure she will learn to channel them.

    Does anyone else think 'Radio' is crying for a release?
  17. Amazing.

  18. I totally agree that Radio should be the next single, if there is one.
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