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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, May 18, 2012.

  1. Stop indulging Lana as much as she indulges herself.
  2. I've gotten so used to the other version w/ the additional beats, but it's still one of her many good songs left on the cutting room floor.
  3. Chris Braide, the song's producer, has been uploading alt versions of tracks he did with a bunch of other artists to YouTube but most of them are gone now
  4. I lowkey use this more than the official National Anthem CD version.

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  5. West Coast
    Cruel World
    Norman F Rockwell
    National Anthem
    Venice Bitch

    if I had to choose a top 5...
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  6. Top 10 Lana right now...

    01. The Blackest Day
    02. California / Ride
    03. The Next Best American Record
    04. Tomorrow Never Came
    05. Black Beauty
    06. When the World Was At War...
    07. Doin' Time
    08. Terrence Loves You
    09. West Coast
    10. Cinnamon Girl

    11. Get Free
    12. Norman fucking Rockwell
    13. Old Money
    14. Salvatore
    15. Brooklyn Baby

    But I mean it's basically impossible. I could have an entirely alternate top 10 that would still be incredible.
  7. No particular order:
    Blue Jeans
    Video Games
    Brooklyn Baby
    West Coast
    13 Beaches
    Venice Bitch
    Cinnamon Girl
    Happiness is a butterfly

    White Dress might join it soon.
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  8. The lack of Mariners Apartment Complex in your lists is a blashpemy. It's one of her finest songs for me and definitely up in my top songs of her.
  9. Top Ten Lana (at least today):
    West Coast
    Off to the Races
    Lust for Life
    National Anthem
    Cinnamon Girl
    Blackest Day
    Young and Beautiful
    Old Money
    Summertime Sadness
  10. Interesting retrospective and ranking of her catalogue by NME.
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  11. Top 10 Lana is probably (in no order):

    1. Venice Bitch
    2. West Coast
    - Ride
    - Fuck It I Love You
    - White Dress
    - The Greatest
    - Brooklyn Baby
    - Salvatore
    - Shades of Cool
    - Happiness Is A Butterfly
  12. If we're going based off released tracks only (and in no particular order)

    Off to the Races
    West Coast
    Cruel World
    Shades of Cool
    The Blackest Day
    Terrence Loves You
    Get Free
    Venice Bitch
    The Greatest

    I need to sit more with Chemtrails to pick out which has lasting power as a fave
  13. My Top 10:

    Video Games
    West Coast
    National Anthem (Demo)
    Norman fucking Rockwell
    Off To The Races
    Venice Bitch
    Bel Air
  14. she has lots of songs that are a 10/10 but her best for me is still Video Games.
    1 Video Games
    2 Love
    3 Cherry
    4 West Coast
    5 Summertime sadness
    6 National anthem
    7 Venice Bitch
    8 Happiness is a Butterfly
    9 Ride
    10 California
  15. No particular order:
    -Off To The Races
    -Shades of Cool
    -Brooklyn Baby
    -West Coast
    -High By The Beach
    -Norman fucking Rockwell
    -Venice Bitch
    -hope is a dangerous thing
    -White Dress
  16. My top 10 would be :

    1. Venice Bitch
    2. West Coast
    3. Shades Of Cool
    4. Cruel World
    5. Heroin
    6. Pretty When You Cry
    7. High By The Beach
    8. Brooklyn Baby
    9. Blue Jeans
    10. Ultraviolence

    Actually the 5 first songs of Ultraviolence are imo the best séquence i've ever seen in an album so hard to skip one in my top 10.
  17. She has so many highlights it's hard to pick just 10, but I always feel like American is very underrated.
  18. 1. Ride
    2. West Coast (UK Radio Mix)
    3 Get Free
    4. American
    5. Doin' Time
    6. Summertime Sadness
    7. Born to Die
    8. Cruel World
    9. The greatest
    10. 13 Beaches

    *bonus track*
    11. Norman Fucking Rockwell!
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  19. It never made sense to me that she didn't do it on the Paradise Tour in the US. One of the best songs on it
  20. 1 - Venice Bitch
    2 - Mariners Apartment Complex
    3 - High By The Beach
    4 - Music To Watch Boys To
    5 - Hope is a dangerous thing...
    6 - Video Games
    7 - Dark But Just A Game
    8 - Bartender
    9 - Doin' Time
    10 - Tulsa Jesus Freak
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