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Lana Del Rey - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, May 18, 2012.

  1. There's no way I would be able to pick a top 10. She just has too much good stuff.
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    1. Off To The Races
    2. Venice Bitch
    3. Born To Die
    4. Ride
    5. The Greatest
    6. West Coast
    7. The Blackest Day
    8. Gods & Monsters
    9. 13 Beaches
    10. Young & Beautiful
    Not sure where to place the Chemtrails songs yet, but Tulsa Jesus Freak and Yosemite definitely have the potential to end up in my top ten.
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  2. Off to the Races
    Million Dollar Man
    Gods & Monsters
    Young and Beautiful
    Brooklyn Baby
    Black Beauty
    God Bless America - And All The Beautiful Women In It
    The Greatest

    Special mentions to 13 Beaches, Sad Girl & Blue Jeans.

    If I wasn't so at odds with her right now maybe my Top 10 would lean more recent but alas.
  3. I don't really listen to Lana very often unless I'm listening to the full record when I'm in the mood and feeling dramatic, but these are some of my faves:

    Young & Beautiful
    Venice Bitch
    Lust for Life
    The Next Best American Record
    Black Beauty
    The Blackest Day
    Off to the Races
    National Anthem
  4. Sam


    I can rarely ever muster up the energy to care about her these days but reading the threads has had Queen of Disaster in my head all day, so here we go, in no particular order -

    National Anthem
    Blue Jeans
    Florida Kilos
    Get Free
    Summer Bummer
    The greatest
  5. Any Top 10 withour Radio is fl-
    yas @Sam
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  6. Sam


    taycete x
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    1. Venice Bitch
    2. Blue Jeans
    3. Norman fucking Rockwell
    4. 13 Beaches
    5. Cola
    6. The Blackest Day
    7. When The World Was At War We Kept Dancing
    8. West Coast
    9. Off To The Races
    10. hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but I have it
    11. Heroin
    12. Love Song
    13. Ride
    14. Mariners Apartment Complex
    15. Honeymoon
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  7. Giving Born to Die and Paradise a spin tonight after not really playing them in ages. Good lord, they really are undeniable. So fully formed and a masterclass in worldbuilding. There is some fluffy stuff to be found, for sure--"Diet Mountain Dew" feels especially lightweight. But damn.

  8. The demo has always been more superior.
  9. "Lets take Jesus off the dashboard, got enough on his mind" alone makes Diet Mountain Dew worth it.

    My top 10 would basically be Young and Beautiful, Ride, and then 8 Born to Die tracks. There's at least one song off each album that I really love, but Born to Die just takes the cake as her best to me.
  10. Diet Mountain Dew actually grew to be one of my fav songs from the album.

    Dark Paradise... now that's a song I can't stand. 15 year old me overplayed it to death
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  11. Both versions of Wild One leaked; I believe V1 was intended for Paradise and V2 was intended for Honeymoon (making this the first Honeymoon outtake to leak).
  12. Wild One reminds me of Florida Kilos. Man, my Lana folder is a mess.

    I really wish she would drop a (From The Vault) record.
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  13. Did the rest of the Norman Fucking Rockwell! instrumentals leak or is the only one “out there” still just Doin’ Time?
  14. Nope, they still haven't leaked.
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  15. Oh I really adore Wild One, I'm glad it leaked.
  16. I was going through my top 20 most listened Lana's songs. What a trip. Love some of her unreleased tracks so damn much, I wish she could shove them on streaming platforms.

  17. [​IMG]

    Like fave, like stan.
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