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Lana Del Rey - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, May 18, 2012.

  1. Why does it look like the woman has a Joker smile behind the mask? I'm scared
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  2. A song called French Restaurant just leaked on YouTube

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  3. Apparently from the Born to Die sessions (which surprises me - it sounds so different from anything else that era) and produced by Chris Braide.
  4. And here we thought we knew everything she had done with Chris Braide. We didn't even know this song existed, I'd never seen the title before.
  5. French Restaurant is gorgeous.
  6. That sounds like it could easily be from the last album (I get White Dress vibes). Shocked it's Born to Die era.
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  7. I’m pretty skeptical about it being from the Born To Die sessions too - obviously it’s not out of the question sonically (Carmen and Dark Paradise both started out as piano ballads), but vocally it doesn’t sound like that era at all.
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  8. Wow French Restaurant sounds amazing, I read about this song a couple days on Lanaboards. It really sounds a bit like White Dress, and would have fitted perfectly in the last album to be honest.
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  9. The Honeymoon/final version of Yes to Heaven leaked and damn, it's beautiful. So did a laptop demo titled Bellevue but it's uglee
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  10. Was just listening to this and reminiscing about the times Lana's music had a discernible pulse
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