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Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Lana remains ever as polarizing as before.
  2. I think this is even more inaccessible than Ultraviolence, and I imagine it will chart accordingly. Though I'm sure Lana doesn't care about chart positions.
  3. I love the 'soft ice cream' live in 'Salvatore'. It's so unexpected and out of nowhere but fits perfectly.
  4. High By The Beach is very accessible though. Though it apparently sounds like nothing else on the album, I actually think it's simplistic beat and repetitive chorus bring it within her most commercial sounding songs she's ever released. So if she could get that sound out there a bit more, I'm sure the album would sell brilliantly and have some longevity.

    I'm not sure what the story is with why Radio 1 don't seem to be playing it. I'd say it was lyrical content, but then why move it to the B-list?

    I'm hearing so many saying it's her best album and then so many saying it's her least impressive. I'm not listening to leaks so I'm interested to find out what my ears think, come Friday.
  5. Three tracks in and already in love and drowning in whirpools of lethargy.
  6. I'm not seeing enough praise for 'God Knows I Tried'. That intro and chorus is stunning.
  7. Everyone still talking about sales and charts like May Jailer really gives a fuck.
  8. I'm more excited about actually getting my hands on my Vinyl come Friday and giving it a proper spin - but, I think charts and sales are interesting, especially since Lana is looking to be #1 in countries around the world, it's a huge deal.
  9. Great.
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  10. The album is great. Very melodramatic, very big, very beautiful. I think she rules its sonical vastness properly and there are many little moments that are just gorgeous. Can't wait until it sinks in after a couple listens more.
  11. It's a very big album, I still need a lot more time to wrap my mind around it all. It's beautiful though, and I really love it thus far. It has the light, sonic airiness of Born to Die with the hazy, elongated structure of Ultraviolence; I didn't expect that for some reason. I quite like it though.

    'Freak' is my favorite song, how sexy. 'Religion', 'Art Deco', 'God Knows I Tried', and ' Salvatore' are all new favorites as well. This is on top of me loving pretty much every bit of the pre-release songs. My only comment: could've used more trap drums. It really adds something to a lot of the songs, and I like when there's that little, tiny bit of polished, purposeful "hip-hop" to her music.
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  12. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Pre-ordered the UK vinyl set with the exclusive artwork. What's good, Urban Outfitters?
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  13. I'm on my second listen now and it's already growing on me, thank god. I do, however, think that some uptempo songs wouldn't have done it any harm.
  14. It's so difficult to wait reading all your comments, anyway I've ordered the box set that includes thankfully the digital download on release date, can't wait!!!!!
  15. This is really good, actually. Swan Song is actually my favorite song. There's not a "bad" one on here, though I haven't bothered with the cover yet.
  16. Yeah I don't understand why she bothers putting cover versions on albums when she has such a wealth of amazing unreleased stuff she could use instead.
  17. I think The Blackest Day might be my favourite.

    EDIT: Oh hi Swan Song
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  18. rdp


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  20. Quite. Reminds me of when Hawaiian culture became the commodity du jour for rich Westerners. Very Mad Men, season 6.
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