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Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. I love the album, but I don't understand how anyone who thought that "Ultraviolence" was boring could love it. There is even less happening here, it's like a 65-minute celebration of dead-eyed lethargy.
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  2. The beat in Freak disagrees.
  3. My top 5 on first listen:

    1. Freak
    2. High By the Beach
    3. Art Deco
    4. Religion
    5. God Knows I Tried

    I like the album but it's probably my least favourite Lana album so far.
    I do love how all the tracks blend into each other perfectly though.
  4. Well, this is unexpected. It is not half as bad as the previews would have you believe. Honeymoon, Music To Watch Boys To and High By The Beach are trash, even though Honeymoon would make a nice bonus track (but not a fucking opener). Everything else ranges from perfectly fine (the first half of the album) to absolutely phenomenal with some glimpses at artistic progression (the second half).
  5. I'm about to listen to the album for the first time. Considering 'Honeymoon' is generally considered one of the worst tracks on here -- and it's my favorite -- I think this is going to be fantastic. Stay tuned, folks. I know you're curious.
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  6. I think Honeymoon is a perfect opener and a wonderful song that perfectly encapsulates the album's vibe. I actually see it as one of its highlights.
  7. RJF


    There's plenty going on here, and it's all actually fully comprehensible thanks to it not being drowned in muddy guitar riffs and reverb.

    She also seems to having - dare I say it - a bit of fun in places.
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  8. As much as it's often misrepresented that Ultraviolence detractors simply take issue with its complete lack of BPM, I think a lot of it has more to do with its wilful dreariness, over-reliance on tired tropes, starkly over-simplistic songwriting and impenetrable dissonance, particularly in the second half of the standard edition. Meanwhile, tracks like West Coast, Brooklyn Baby, Shades of Cool and Old Money actually garner their fair share of praise, presumably because they offer a certain richness and depth not found in songs as monochromatic and bare bones as Sad Girl and Money Power Glory.

    Had Honeymoon taken more cues from its heavy, borderline morose title track - and we all know how that particular track was received on here when it premiered - then history may well have repeated itself but the rest of the album strikes a far greater balance of light and shade. High By The Beach and Music... are both more sonically playful than anything we've heard since her debut, while even the slowest, most downbeat tracks here excude a certain regality and lushness that was lost in all of Auerbach's lo-fi fuzziness. The choruses and song structures are stronger and more fleshed-out too, with far less repetition

    Of course, the pomp and bombast of Born To Die is all but entirely absent, however, as I said from my very first listen of the leak, with Honeymoon we've certainly returned to more Paradise-adjacent territory; dark, brooding and intense with less of a wink and nudge than her debut but with at least a rye smile still intact. The whole thing has a lighter touch and more romantic, gold-plated sensibility. Yes, the songs are long and often slow but never 'dead-eyed' or 'lethargic'; there's a spark of life throughout this album, a sense of passion, a presence of heart that was almost entirely lost before.
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  9. Me too. I like deluxe, the standard is unique compared to her other albums. The STANDARD Vinyl is BEAUTIFUL. So delicately put together it is. Love the little peak-a-boos on the side. Makes me mad that the FROOT one was so shit and it was more expensive.

    The album is GREAT. Though no song is as good as Brooklyn Baby yet, for me. Art Deco, Music, Salvatore, High By The Beach and The Blackest Day are all amazing. It's great to see it getting a flurry of very positive reviews. I know it seems you get lynched for mentioning charts in here, but she's #1 in 30 countries which is great to see.
  10. I've held off listening to the album or the buzz releases so my first play was with the vinyl... and I really like the album. It's more accessible than Ultraviolence, but it's still got that soundscape style to it. The artwork fits it perfectly!

    'Honeymoon' should have been the bond theme.
  11. 'Terrence Loves You' really comes alive surrounded by other tracks.

    God, the album is just captivating so far. There's no other word for it.
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  12. Nah, Mister Unicorn is right. Songs like Shades of Cool, Brooklyn Baby, West Coast, Sad Girl, Florida Kilos, Fucked My Way Up, Is This Happiness etc etc are at least as engaging, tempoey, and fun-having as some of the stuff on here. The Ultraambien stuff has always smacked of stubbornly clinging to an initial judgement/bandwaggoning a meme, and lauding this while completely dismissing Ultra just doesn't wash soz x.
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  13. So... I think this is her best album.
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  14. Music to Watch Boys really comes alive with the rest of the album, too. It's a shame I like the opening/title track the least.
  15. Guest member

    Guest member Guest

    Just got this:
    Could anyone who ordered only the alternative artwork vinyl from the UK webstore confirm if their copy/order has already shipped?
  16. So on my first listen, Freak, Art Deco, Salvatore and Swan Song are it. The only song I'm not feeling is Religion.
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  17. Am I the only person who LOVES 24? That & Salvatore stay buzzing in my head.

    Swan Song is one of my early favorites as well.

    The pre-release tracks work so much better within the context of the album. Terrence Loves You sounds much more lush, in particular.
  18. See, I've never understood this notion that anyone wanted or enjoyed the disappointment of the Ultraviolence era. Anyone who has consistently criticised that album was on here stanning for their lives throughout Born To Die and at least some of Paradise, with many anticipating snatched wigs right up until West Coast's premiere and still holding out steadily-waning hope throughout the other pre-album releases (which ended up being the strongest the album had to offer anyway).

    The forum's love affair with Lana Del Rey circa 2011-2012 was intense, in no small part due to the fact that her dramatic persona and epic, glossy videos made her A Big Pop Thing. So it's hardly a surprise that, when she all but abandoned her poppier leanings and visual flair, while only further relying on the clich├ęs that had been marked as red flags from the beginning by even the most ardent fans, diminishing returns returns followed for many.

    Of course Ultraviolence has its moments (I singled out many of the same examples as you and explicitly focused on the standard as I've always enjoyed the various scattered deluxe/bonus tracks) but as a package it presented itself in a way that was much different from the Lana people first fell for. Many were willing to follow her in this new direction but others weren't and that's just as valid. Honeymoon, as it turns out, strikes a compromise between the two, which seems to be enough of a return to form for those who have always wanted to stick with Lana this entire time but struggled, not because of some petty bandwagon meme-pushing but because they were fans for a reason and hoped to feel that way again.

    Really, you only have to look at the general forum reaction to premiere of Honeymoon's title track and High By The Beach to see just how academic the difference between the two albums is. There's an undeniable consistency in certain people's perception of what they want or expect Lana to sound like and this album comes closer to that the last, simple.
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  19. Swan Song is the big standout for me at the moment alongside Freak and Art Deco. Salvatore and The Blackest Day aren't far behind either.
  20. 1st listen favorites:

    Art Deco
    Blackest Day

    Bullet impressions

    - The simplicity of her lyrics is becoming more apparent, especially when the production is clearer(compared to ultraviolence)

    - In spite of the relative production clarity, it still sounds like it was recorded in the 80s. I am ambivalent about this

    - 'it sounds like muddy trap' is the most accurate pre release statement any artist has ever made about their upcoming music
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