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Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. Get Free went from being the 4th/5th result when searched on Apple Music to the number 1 result at the top of the page replacing Major Lazer. Queen.
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  2. He


    I loved this film, it's so ridiculously great. And yeah, she is Lana.
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  3. This thread, this forum.
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  4. This pussy and this crack.
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  5. Right.
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  6. Radiohead is fine. I mean, Creep gets played on Classic Rock radio stations nowadays so whatev, they're old AF. They don't fucking need money.
  7. The backing vocals on Cherry’s bridge are so good:

    Can I get a fuckin hallelujah?
    Lookin at me like a race car
    Can I get a fuckin hallelujah?
    Sippin on you like a Coca-Cola
    Can I get a fuckin hallelujah?
    Lookin at me like a leopard skin
    Can I get a fuckin hallelujah?
    Sippin on you like a Coca-Cola

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  8. That last "fuck" always gives me tingles.
  9. The fact 'Radiohead are crappp!' was a 'Lana murder my buss' pop forum hyperbole but was taken seriously and has people clutching their Fake Plastic Trees cassette singles while imagining Thom said 'Lana don't steal pls white rockers have feelings too' at the end of the Just video... a kii.

  10. Thank you I never understood the lyrics... just her hypnotic mumbling.
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  11. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Well I for one am pleased at all the publicity Get Free has snatched off the back of this, it’s top three on the album for me with Cherry and Love.
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  12. I especially love people who can't discern forum/situational hyperbole, who can't resist travelling down their own rabbit hole of "anti-white!11!" sensationalist faux-logic to tell everyone else to calm down.
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  13. I gasped and then I saw the second image
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  14. Good lord.
  15. Cackling. Saw her for the first time ever last night and she was mesmerizing. She actually sang Get Free acapella which was quite a moment.
  16. Serving vocals and cute audience interaction. Loving the crowd singing the ‘out of the black/into the blue’ parts too.

  17. She’s so amazing

    Also is this the first time we hear the names that were censored on the album version?
  18. She did it before at Terminal 5 in New York last year.

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