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Lana Del Rey - White Hot Forever (7th album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rafa_el, Sep 2, 2019.

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  2. Considering we waited a year for NFR after the drop of Mariners, I'll believe it when I see it.
  3. Full The Times interview:

  4. This is the third or fourth thread made for this. Mods said it was too early.
  5. Awn... sorry then!
  6. “It’s called White Hot Forever. I feel like it probably will be a surprise release sometime within the next 12 or 13 months.”

  7. Will Mods just give up and let this thread live? dd
    Anyway, surprise drop... I'm ready. Almost the same thing she did with Ultraviolence-Honeymoon.
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  8. There was no surprise with Ultraviolence. It had a very traditional rollout. Its lead preceded it by 2 months, it had several promo singles, and she'd announced the title half a year before it dropped, and several demos had already leaked.
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  10. Meant her timeline working on Honeymoon. She mentioned recording\writing most of Honeymoon while Ultraviolence was being mixed and described that the process of Mixing\Mastering was the longest, and she wanted to keep it going. By January 2015 she mentioned "Music To Watch Boys To" as a concept and by June 2015 we had the title track lyrics. And then the record was released 15 (?) months after Ultra.

    Just tried to praise this prolific queen dd.
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  11. 2014

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    Give it a week at least x
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  12. Lana Del Rey will return with a disk on which she will not sing but only talk. A project of “poetry, freestyle” rather surprising but corresponds well to its universe and that will be the day the 4 January next year. Moreover, it was also clarified that half of the profits would be donated to amerindian organizations, she has a strong urge to support. The interpreter of the tube “Born To Die” also continues its tour and will pass through the AccorHotels Arena in Paris on February 23, 2020 and the festival We Love Green this summer…
  13. She's mentioned her next album (not the spoken word one) twice this week. In the announcement of the poetry record, she said her researching the lineage of herself and country inspired the next album -- and then in posting year-end album lists, she said she felt like NFR would overshadow its little sister
  14. This country thing and then "overshadow its little sister" I wonder if the record could be halfway there? Didn't she perform 2 songs with Jack back in like... Jnauary... and they kinda had a country-flavor influence? Back in 2018 she mentioned Norman being just ready and then she recorded like... 2 more songs (including Doin' Time) but felt like she was working the whole year.

    not really thrilled after the whole country-pop infused era that we got and Norman felt so fresh but... I trust her.
  15. Ready for her "Scarlet's Walk"
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  16. I have always loved Scarlet's Walk. It's the last properly listenable Tori album with every album after being severely patchy (except when live).

    Taxi Ride is so scathing and Mountain is one of my favourite songs of all time.
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