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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ElectricHearts, May 18, 2012.

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  2. Sometimes I feel like "White Dress" is her most impressive song in a way. It's a bit challenging, plodding and unpleasant at first, but everything starts to come together: the unmoored, disjointed stream-of-consciousness lyrics coming, disappearing, appearing again, like if TS Eliot were a 19-year-old waitress in Florida; the hysterically femme voice she puts on as a kind of funhouse-mirroring of the gender politics of the song (it's pretty much her first explicitly feminist song I think); the immersive sunset/summer night atmosphere the song manages to achieve with such an economy of instrumentation.
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  3. It looks like she’s been working with Jack again

    they need to record/release this gem!
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  4. Surprised Lana is back to working with Jack. Thought Blue Banisters was Lana getting rid of him.
  6. She's only ever been enthusiastic about Jack and their working relationship and friendship. I think this album will be with various producers but I'm not surprised he's still in the picture.
  7. It feels like ages since she released anything.
  8. I just checked because I could've sworn it had only been a year since Blue's been less than 6 months ddd.
  9. She's the only artist who wasn't running on fumes with her second Jack album so I think they could still work some magic together.
  10. Maybe it's because I'm in the beginning stages of a Smashing Pumpkins fixation right now but I have this urge for Lana to work with Flood. And Brian Eno, but that's basically ongoing until or if it ever actually happens
  11. I will never understand why Lana made one perfect song with Rick Rubin then never worked with him again.
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  12. Isn't that hilarious? I was thinking the same thing the other day. But no, we only received two albums last year and one less than 6 months ago…

    Looks like the new one is well underway, too, since she’s apparently already shot a video for a song.
  13. I disconnected from Lana after the incident, but I've been having a moment with her discography recently. Chemtrails is a really strong album. I think White Dress & Tulsa Jesus Freak are top 5 contenders for me.

    I haven't gotten to Blue Banisters yet because my worm-riddled brain makes it hard to digest too much new music. It's crazy that she's never strayed too far from her wheel house but nothing she's released has ever felt stale. Honeymoon is the only album of hers that never clicked with me (it also took Ultraviolence like 5 years before I got it but we'll ignore that nn).

    Norman Fucking Rockwell remains one of the best albums of the last decade.
  14. I'm excited to hear what you think of Blue Bannisters! I still think it's stronger than Chemtrails (which I also love) and contains some her more adventurous choices... as adventurous as Lana Del Rey gets.
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  15. My boxset of the new Father John Misty album arrived today. There are a couple of bonus 7" singles included, with Lana singing an album track on one of them. Not my favourite of the album songs she could have covered, but it's still really suits her and it's gorgeous.
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  16. I think Norman Fucking Rockwell! is still the stronger album but Chemtrails is her at her best vocally: those first three songs of course but also Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost, Wild at Heart and Dance Till We Die.
  17. I did the same. I haven’t played a single Lana track since Summer of 2020 yet she’s released all this music since then. I still feel a way about her and the way she showed her ass during the Black Lives Matter movement in summer 2020 but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been gagging to play even a crumb of Ultraviolence or Norman Fucking Rockwell in the intervening months/years.
  18. I gave everything that happened after several incidents a spin at some point and was overwhelmed. I am nowhere near listening to Lana as much as I did before her most recent stupidities. But I have to say that she still hasn't released anything close to a bad or mediocre album.

    Chemtrails didn't had a super clear vision. Which I think is absolutely okay after something as perfect as Norman. But Blue Banisters is one of her finest works and very underrated. The title song alone eclipses lots of what she did before and the whole album is once again showing growth and direction.

    All of that does not excuse her antics at all and still puts me off of her in a way. But the quality of her output is there. She is possibly one of the most consistent. And she has quite a big back catalogue for 10 years and not one proper dud. Again: musically.
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  19. ^I feel the opposite. I think Chemtrails has a super clear vision, it's her most cohesive album ever, even more cohesive than NFR, which had a couple tracks that didn't fit (Bartender, Next Best American Record). I love Banisters but for me it's almost a leftovers album, collecting all those abandoned songs from other eras and finally releasing them, in many cases without any re-recording or twitch or anything. It's a great album, less cohesive, but it's great cos Lana is a bit silly when picking up song and always leaves the best out.
    I also don't have a problem with Lana as a person, I kinda like it that she doesn't give a f**k and doesn't care. It's the Courtney Love school of playing the controversial card, sure you offend some, but controversy sells.
  20. I think people should never be applauded for not giving a fuck if it actively hurts people. Ever.
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