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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ElectricHearts, May 18, 2012.

  1. You really hit post reply on THAT?

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  2. There must be something in the air, because I have seen so many people trying to get back into Lana after her tomfoolery carnival, and I... am also a part of that club. "Young & Beautiful" came on randomly one day and I got teary-eyed. As much as I have dragged her over her shenanigans (and will continue to if the occasion arises!), these months where she's been out of the spotlight and away from a radio mic or social media platform voicing her nonsense have done wonders to my relationship with her. It doesn't excuse her at all, but I have sort of made peace with the idea that, when it comes to contemporary culture and racial issues, she's nothing more than your regular dumb McKeyligh without any hint of vernacular or nuance. Here's hoping she never forces another question upon us ever again so I can continue listening in peace.
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  3. Blue Banisters title track is one of the best things she's ever done. I can't say I've gone back to the album much now the seasons are changing but the song never fails to stop me in my tracks. Truly one of her finest pieces of storytelling, I look forward to going back to it once Autumn arrives.
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  4. I would have considered myself a huge Lana fan up until the Blue Bannisters release, I've only just listened to it this week for the first time. I'll admit, it struggled to maintain my interest with most of the songs just meandering for four minutes and not one hook I can remember, was I just in the wrong mood?

    Out of them all, Arcadia grabbed my interest the most and I was vaguely excited when The Trio played only to be disappointed that it was only an interlude.
  5. No, I had the same reaction. It was the first time Lana bored me. Too loose, too meandering. And I love Honeymoon.
  6. I love Honeymoon too, it's beautiful and transportive.
  7. Honeymoon is languid and cinematic, Blue Banisters is like Lana improvising over random piano chords. There are pretty moments but as a whole, I find it forgettable.
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  8. Norman Fucking Rockwell! is her best in terms of writing, but it's the album of hers that triggers my depression more than any other so it's one I hardly listen to. I can't deny though ever since the fuckery in 2020 my fan card has gone dusty.
  9. Chemtrails was a concept album about the Midwest so I get why a lot of people here didn't take to it. Blue Banisters is essentially an origin story album and feels like the first album where she's fully allowed herself to be vulnerable since Born to Die: she had never been so candid about her relationship with her mother and how it shaped her.

    Strictly in terms of the music she's been at a creative peak since NFR!.
  10. Her cover of Buddy's Rendezvous is quite nice. I like her jazzy affairs very much!
  11. It is a little hard to block out the fact that some of the songs on Blue Banisters are from years ago, but I still think it’s a very strong album if not a bit ballad heavy. Better than Chemtrails (which I also enjoyed, but it felt a bit like a lesser version of NFR sonically at times). I remember in that release day insta live she was talking about hating her music being leaked for exactly that reason…none of the songs were just “leftovers” to her.

    As for her as a person/her antics….she confuses me, but I do try to see the best in people and hope they can change. Part of me is still hoping she will eventually denounce her question for the culture at some point, but I know that won’t happen dd, she’s too hard headed to actually hear anyone out about why it was harmful. I can only hope she grows and learns. The lyrics in the chorus of Text Book kinda hint that she feels misunderstood by most people, I just hope she can eventually reflect on….why that is.
  12. Here's the cover, I don't know if/when it'll be released digitally. It really is so gorgeous. This was on the accompanying 7" vinyl that was released on Father John's deluxe Chloe album.
  13. I love random days like today when White Dress comes on shuffle and suddenly I'm crying.
  14. Nn me with Text Book yesterday.
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  15. "Someone asked me what my favourite album was that I had made.


    And my first thought was my poetry album actually."

  16. Not her attempting to have us listen to that crap...
  17. This continues to be so random and so Lana.

    I would loooove for her to do a song with that instrumental. I need lush Lana back.
  18. I haven't been able to stop listening to her latley. When it comes to creating a sonic world, there's basically no one better.
  19. i'm living for her vacation in Italy. She's really live laugh loving.
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