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Lana Del Rey

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ElectricHearts, May 18, 2012.

  1. That’s two years with no apology. Sad.
  2. As much as I am enjoying the lane she currently sits in, I would love a hip hop album.
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  3. I'd honestly kill for a jazz standards album from her. Like a hazy, dark, soft one like the later Billie Holiday albums would be amazing. She could convey that atmosphere perfectly.

  4. Not sure what this is but she sounds nice.
  5. Lovely! Maybe something for the 10th anniversary of that album.
  6. A little late to the party, but I just listened to Buddy’s Rendezvous, and man what a track. Wish it was on streaming. Really missed hearing her voice on production like that, and not that I haven’t been enjoying her output the past few years because I think it’s been her at her peak, but it’s a delight to hear her with a full band.
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  7. Lana's version of "Buddy's Rendezvous" will be available digitally on Thursday according to Father John Misty.
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  8. So excited to get Buddy’s Rendezvous on Spotify. It’s my favorite off that album, not even because she did a cover of it. Now if we could only get Violent Bent Backwards…
  9. Fuck, Buddy's Rendezvous is gorgeous.
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  10. She just glides over that chorus.
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  11. Did we not get anything for the 10th anniversary of ''Born to Die''?
  12. ^Nope, sadly. A 10th anniversary vinyl would have sold like candy.
  13. It remains a crime that West Coast Radio Mix isn’t on Spotify while 7 terrible remixes are.

    Happy 37th, too!
  14. Pretty sure this is on Lana.
  15. The radio mix is the superior version. It's basically the only thing I listen to on Apple Music because it's saved in my Cloud Library. It's so damn lush.
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  16. It's nice and toe tappy, but no way superior! Looses all the lush coolness and drama of the album mix
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  17. Both versions of the song are fantastic. The radio version has an almost completely different vibe, especially with the minor lyrical changes in the bridge. They definitely made the right movie with the final version, but now and then the radio edit gives me life.
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  18. Original West Coast is superior to the radio mix. I do love the MK remix too!
  19. Sorry, I just will never get over how the “radio mix” is what she played the label initially and they wanted her to speed it up a lil, so she stripped it back even more and slowed it down dd
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